Defended November 27, Radiation-induced hypothyroidism after treatment of head-and-neck cancer. Defended April 16, Clinical implementation and early outcome. Rehabilitation in Prostate Cancer Care.

Dynamic multileaf collimator tracking and dose delivery for moving targets in radiotherapy. Defended March 25, Image-guided adaptive radiotherapy of head and neck cancer. Resistance training and dietary supplements as intervention for regaining muscle mass following radiotherapy in head and neck cancer patients. Real-time radiation dosimetry for improved patient safety in brachy therapy. Defended October 18,

Optimization of stereotactic body radiation therapy for metastases. Image guided radiotherapy in cervical cancer. Hypoxia and microRNAs as biomarkers in gastroesophageal cancer.

Defended October 26, Project completed March Defended October 1, Image based motion monitoring during stereotactic body radiotherapy at a conventional linear accelerator. Defended August 25, Defended June 1, Defended December 13, Influence of tumour microenvironmental factors on endogenous markers of hypoxia.

vmat phd thesis

Hypoxia and vmatt biomarkers in rectal cancer. Defended August 29, Intensity-modulated image guided radiotherapy of bladder cancer: Bioeffect modelling of clinical outcomes after radiation therapy for individualization of treatment effect estimation and risk prediction.


PhD and Master’s Theses

Defended February 27, pd Defended September 6, Defended February 24, Defended June 15 Second primary cancers after adjuvant radiotherapy in early breast cancer patients. Organ Motion — 4D imaging and treatment.

vmat phd thesis

Intrinsic radiation resistance of mesenchymal cancer stem cells and implications for treatment response in a murine sarcoma model. Department of Applied Mathematics thesos Computer Science. Defended August 27, Defended May 15, Investigation of respiration induced intra- and inter-fractional tumour motion using a standard Cone Beam CT.

CIRRO – PhD and Master’s Theses

Morbidity in patients with prostate cancer treated with radiation therapy. Defended November 18, Characterization of new breast cancer susceptibility genes with impact on prognosis and design of novel anticancer therapies.

Defended October 9, Development of a hypoxia targeted gene expression classifier in squamous cell carcinomas of the head and neck. Robust treatment planning to account for variations in target position and thesi for RT of locally advanced prostate cancer.


vmat phd thesis

Defended August 22, Dieperink, K. Role of extensive surgery with or without interstitial brachytherapy in advanced primary or locally ;hd rectal cancer.

Nimorazole as hypoxic radiosensitizer in radiotherapy for head and neck cancer.