Covers agents, corporate and small publishing houses, E-publishing, markets, publicity, etc. Bachelor of Science in Physics: Open only to graduate students of demonstrated ability to do independent work. Concentration in English Education. Both programs are distinguished by innovative classes. Selected readings of exemplary stories, poems, and plays. Craft and Process Tutorial in Poetry Units:

Include analyses of the draft process, genre across artistic and literary forms, and creation and revision of student work. For C W majors: Topics to be specified in the Class Schedule. Graduate standing or consent of the instructor. Physics and Astronomy Toggle Physics and Astronomy.

The Department of Creative Writing offers undergraduate and graduate programs.

Writing poetry with emphasis on analysis of student work and growth of critical abilities. The creative writing process. The skills developed in creative writing translate well into corporate editing, publishing, teaching, and working for arts organizations.

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Both programs are distinguished by innovative classes. Selection of material, design, production, and distribution. Pedagogical grounding for pragmatic classroom teaching for undergraduates under the supervision of experienced faculty and in collaboration with other students. Political Science Toggle Political Internhips.


Graduate standing or consent of the instructor. Computer Science Toggle Computer Science.

General Education Toggle General Education. The Creative Writing Department has a strong core faculty and invites several visiting faculty each semester. Students write letters to agents and editors, press releases for book tours, and several short papers. Concentration in Cell and Molecular Biology. Chemistry and Biochemistry Toggle Chemistry and Biochemistry.

Lectures on the craft, reading for development and story development. Inner conflicts and shared visions of the Israeli psyche are revealed through iternships arts and in conversation with Israeli artists.

Career Outlook The career goal is to train and encourage writers of creative nonfiction, fiction, literary translation, plays, and poetry. Concentration in Early Childhood. Studies will lead them to a degree in English with a creative writing emphasis.

Examination of the creative process, emphasizing techniques, style, and structure. The undergraduate major combines the academic specifications of the traditional English major with the experiential needs of the writing student.

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May be repeated for a total of 18 units when topics vary. MFA students may apply a total internshisp 9 units toward degree; MA students may apply no more than 3 units toward degree. Graduate Creative Writing students or consent of the instructor.


Humanities Building, Room Phone: Students learn to read like writers through lecture-discussion and reading assignments. Workshop in Playwriting Units: Individual creatvie to direct the student’s project in one of the creative writing forms.

Creative Writing

Plus-minus letter grade only. Concentration in School Age Child and Family.

sfsu creative writing internships

Special Education Toggle Special Education. Degrees Offered Toggle Degrees Offered. Information Systems Toggle Information Systems. The career goal is to train and encourage writers of creative nonfiction, fiction, literary translation, plays, and poetry. Capstone course for seniors in which undergraduate final project is completed. Focus on basic craft elements of playwriting including scene, story, creatiive, character, and conflict.