Great classmates, awesome teachers. When do you attend MakerSquare? For great developers, the job market is great. Are the placement result real? Both coding bootcamp programs are 12 weeks full time onsite. Just three weeks after graduating, I landed my dream job at HomeAway. The best advice I can give to someone who is thinking about going through the program is to go through the first eight chapters of JavaScript:

I can safely say that anyone there would go out of his or her way to help anyone else. Because of the short timeframe it is necessary at least to our bootcamp and I’d like to think to the ones you listed that incoming students complete pre-course work. As for the fellowship, I would encourage anyone pre attends MakerSquare to strongly consider it. I had already been in higher education for seven years and didn’t want to put more time or money towards that. I can personally tell you, students who finish every drop of prep work are much better prepared for class than students who don’t.

In all honesty, the edu There are many other things I like about Makersquare as well, such as the guest lectures, curriculum iteration, feedback-loop, fruit supply, space setup, location,etc. Once admitted into the program, there is pre-course work which is another 50 hours of work.

Full Review When I was reading through bootcamp reviews, I personally thought it was more helpful to find people of similar background as mine and see how well they fared. MakerSquare truly did change my life. Luckily, development culture is about helping each other. Plus, you can track your bootcamp reviews, compare bootcamps, and save your favorite schools. No, I was still touring on the weekends. Reactor Core told Course Report that both Hack Reactor and MakerSquare use mostly live lectures and supplement learning with video lectures.


The job market is promising. You make mistakes, you get lost, and you learn through collective struggle.

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There were several engineers, folks who were entrepreneurs and decided to learn to code. In the new curriculum, students will be working with Angular, React, courde Node.

makersquare pre course work

Totally worth the money. Please be warned that this program is not for the faint of heart. I actually got my first job while I was still a few weeks into MakerSquare. To learn more about the overall tech scene, New York Tech Startup is really great. I have been a Designer for several years, but felt that improving my front-end development skills would really take me to the next level in my career.

All my interactions with MakerSquare have left me feeling like they genuinely care about me and are dedicated to empowering people like myself who are working on making a dramatic life change.

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Skype interview with 2 of the founders. Debated just waiting since I’d heard that the Hack Reactor name is a bit better known in the Bay Area. Software Engineering Full-Stack JavaScript Description At MakerSquare, we consistently observe industry trends and iterate on our curriculum to adjust our students for the prime positions.

makersquare pre course work

I went through the Hack Reactor application process. Students have gone to work for every big name company. We are firm believers in the culture of making staff happy and making this a great place to work. You figure out what you need to know and how you can find out anything else you need, rather than rote memorization of details.


If you’re interested in music in Tokyo, you can actually sample the bands there through Spotify. Rather, I wanted to be able to communicate better with programmers that I worked with. I was tired of working with WordPress and wanted to take my dev skills to the next level, and work on some more interesting projects I was working on click bait websites.

The teacher was unorganized and never proactively helped the students, he just sat at his desk making conversation. MakerSquare has been through an evolution over the last three years.

It was created for people that want to learn a little bit of programming to enhance their current skillset.

The MakerSquare application process includes an online application and technical interview. This program couese hard work but it is very rewarding coure you’ll surprise yourself about how much you can learn in 3 months.

I found that the well-organized class material and lecture notes very helpful to prepare for data scientist job interviews.

Imogen Crispe April 11, But, you have to come into MakerSquare with the attitude that you are there to learn.