Lady Gaga issues the decrees, and the Monsters follow suit. It is getting worse generation after generation. And she has definitely taken advantage over the gay community rather than supporting it. She supports everyone and is against discrimination against people who chose to express themselves in a different manner. Like any other teenager in high school, Lady Gaga had insecurities. Let them hate, as long as the Little Monsters like us love her. Find the Universal Flow again, Restore your sanctity to the Earth.

Both are designed to make you feel a certain way and both contain strictly controlled information which the corporations paying for it all have final say over! Everytime there is a new artist wanting to be different then most musicians all of you start to hate. You are seriously dilusional and try to make a giant essay to make something look true…. We are in the hands of the magi. You make a valid arguement. She still is the same girl, she evolved, as an artist and I think she also grow up.

Go Digital Or Go Home. She diligently thanks her Monsters in all of her public speeches and appearances, declaring them her reason for living and even the true writers of Born This Way. Lady Gaga has been lying to her fans for ages, and steadily eroding her fanbase.


Yeah she stands for gay rights, but all her life is not around it. Gaga is the party going distraction. I think you all have nothing better to do but agga hate on her. Go watch Stefani Germanotta perform. Did those songs became famous??

Jerry Lee Lewis was doing that shit eons a go. Some follow her mainly for her Music while others like her personality or views and look up to her.

lady gaga tisch essay

All artists have hardcore fans. I am not manufactured. A whore fag of the industry.

The Case Against Lady Gaga: The Essay « lady gaga is a fraud.

She is the only star alive today who has total control over her career… and she has been in control of that career since Alex, this blog is amazing. Brainwashed and willing to have everything taken from us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She Puts on a Show! This is just so strange to me. Posted February 23, at You be an advocate.

Lady Gaga Reveals ‘LoveGame’ Was Written About Her Days in Bobst | Washington Square News

Then please explain why Rob Fusari sued Gaga for writing credit on some of her biggest hits. Weird has always been in fashion when it comes to music. Do you even have a job? Obviously there are people on this blog some comments whom does not get the point of this essay.

Oh, just one thing to research…. I just like the helpful info you provide in your articles. Essxy then the little dogs crawl under the porch and lick their asses. You are seriously dilusional and try to essy a giant essay to make something look true….


But who rejects this kind of fame nowadays? She makes life an art.

Lady Gaga Waxes Philosophic on the Human Body in Tisch Essay

So thanks for this site, because more people have to ggaga who GAGA really is… or what she really is. Are you retarded, or what?

lady gaga tisch essay

These aspects of her are no secret to the intelligent fan. Regardless to all this analysis, Lady Gaga is a gifted artist, talented singer, and performer.

lady gaga tisch essay

After showing Stefani an article about how Nelly Furtado was launched back to superstardom after ditching folk-pop for pulsating dance music, he convinced her that club beats and performance art might actually be the way to go to achieve stardom — despite her preference for a more stripped-down sound.

I mean, they get their inspiration from somewhere.