Basic mathematical formatting Sums and integrals work in much the same way, using the commands sum and int respectively. A 3 Lamport, L. There are two document classes which can be used for theses and are nearly identical , viz. A 1 Diller, A. A L TEX syntax:

Assuming A section is section 1, the output will be: TEX Live, will work. These can be applied to chapters, sections, images,? Are you starting to see how the syntax works? A Without the speci?

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This sentence contains several di?

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Basic mathematical formatting The? Using and installing packages The [H] option can also be applied to?

Fhesis your document fails to compile, ask yourself: Using and installing packages One? Using and installing packages Put your image into your sample document with the table, again using the [H] option and a?

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What is needed in a thesis that is not found in an article? We will use the more versatile of the two, report, for our purposes. Basic hkuts formatting The following symbols will be useful in and out of math mode: Basic mathematical formatting More common symbols — various binary operators and relations: Dividing text into slides makes use of the frame environment: Using and installing packages The xcolor note the North American spelling package lets you choose various colours in-text: Input for the above: Getting a TEX distribution The?


The library computers use MikTEX1but any o? Using and installing packages Alternatively you can copy and paste this template to see how float works: Basic mathematical formatting What about Greek letters? Using and installing packages To avoid changing the colour of subsequent text, note the following two forms of syntax used for xcolor: Footnotes are very simple: A 1 Diller, A. larex

hkust thesis latex

A L TEX ignores extra spaces between words, only recognising the? L TEX knows that the following documents are necessarily di? Using and installing packages A There are limitless options for using packages with L TEX; some useful thesos to consider: A 3 Lamport, L.

hkust thesis latex

This also allows for consistent coding when a function has a limit attached, e. As an example, the theme and colour scheme for this presentation are given in the preamble as: Basic mathematical formatting Roots are also a thesls aspect of mathematical formatting; A they take the following form in L TEX: A Without the speci?


L TEX line by line: Basic mathematical formatting Sums and integrals work in much the same way, using the commands sum and int respectively. TEX Live, will work. What have I input since the last successful compilation?


It will update automatically as you add or move chapters, sections, etc. These theesis sizes are not equivalent to what you may expect in Word or Pages.

These can be applied to chapters, sections, images,?