The Rococo era originated from the French decorative style Racaille meaning ‘decorative shell and rock work’. Some have said he is her “priest-lover. I simply want to have a deeper understanding of all the factors contributing to an artists approach. Smarthistory has five videos and essays on her extraordinary work. Frothy and frivolous, The Swing not only served as a mirror of the pre-revolutionary era in Paris, but also stands as a time capsule of a brief time period of decadence and seduction. You can see the pictures here:

Considering that the older gentleman is also a member of the clergy, there are also ideas of restraint and faithfulness associated with his religious role. I never even thought about it being a fish until now. I simply want to have a deeper understanding of all the factors contributing to an artists approach. The Swing depicts a young man – concealed in the foliage – who is watching a young woman on a swing. Impressionism as a movement bears similarities to the Rococo in its emphasis on fleeting moments of beauty, sudden impressions, and pleasure. Boucher specialized in the combination of the pastoral scene with a passionate sensibility.

fragonard the swing essay

Really interesting images, Bob! I’ll ask a question for you guys as well: But peel away that external flippancy and underneath are many delightful little quirks, textual and visual.

Yinka Shonibare, The Swing (After Fragonard)

So it seems most agree that this is a fish, not a beehive, and I do too, but I thought it was interesting that the fish really looks nothing like a dolphin to me.

This work of art is not for all audiences, and involves some mature subjects. I really like this short clip, and I actually am assigning some of my art history students to watch this video as part of a homework assignment.


fragonard the swing essay

Who is the man pushing her on the swing and what does he have to do with the situation? I would not be surprised to see this motif is quoted from an earlier Italian piece, as playful putti so often were in French 18thC art.

The Swing |

The fish is looking toward the viewer with a large eye, a gaping mouth, and thick lips see below. The Progress of Love: What do you think about the inclusion of the dog? And I love the thought of a little freshman heidenkind writing on a Thai Buddhist painting.

Indeed all these references would fragpnard been pictorial commonplaces to his patrons. I first saw this painting in my art history class last year and my teacher basically dismissed it as frilly, meaningless art he of course talked about the scandalous nature of the painting, but Mr. Saint-Julien specified the details of the painting and wanted his mistress to be depicted as the woman in the scene.

Other instances of symbolism are also worth noting. While during his essy The Swing was quite popular and Fragonard was at the top of his game, he fell out of favor after the Revolution. Wwing this technical skill increases the power of the story that Fragonard tells in this piece. I think that the shoe also seems to fly in the air as a defiant gesture toward the cupid figure on the right, who holds a cautionary finger to his lips seen by some as a symbol of discretion.

But instead of http: Okay so here you go guys, here is a piece of visual art for you!


The Swing, Fragonard: Analysis, Interpretation

Detail for Fragonard’s “The Swing,” The dolphin imagery is very interesting to me in this context because it could allude to Venus and love. This is the miracle of Fragonard and everyone with a human heart responds in a similar way. Newer Post Older Post Home. Dwing we see that the Dolphin is associated with the Gentle Disposition and with successful pleading in love.

While Fragonard received no ghe of commissions from the aristocracy in Paris, the leading thinkers of the time had more unfavorable reactions to his work. It is made more juicy by the narrative within the painting, which you won’t find in much of Rococo artwork. This discussion has stimulated more thinking on my part about The Swing.

fragonard the swing essay

Interpretation of Other 18th Century Paintings. Detail of Fragonard’s “The Swing,” She is illuminated by the soft lighting coming from above, and the fanciful trees form an oval frame for the action in the center.

In contrast, other aspects of the painting remain in shadow, such as the husband, possibly referencing his being “in the dark” as to his wife’s affair. In Graves, The Greek Myths In the background of the composition one can see what was originally going to be the Bishop requested by the perverse Baron, but which was changed to the mistress’s husband by Fragonard.