Ravana is dismissive of Rama’s power and pacifies his wife. As per the curse, Pratapbhanu, Arimardam and Dharmaruchi are all killed as other neighboring kings invade Kaikay. The Ramcharita Manas is a book of high moral values. The brahmanas feel sorry for Pratapbhanu and tell him that his evil next life will be ended by Supreme Vishnu himself. We should have high moral character. Kumbhakarna kills indiscriminately and wreaks much havoc. As a piece of literature it is read with interest throughout the world.

Hanuman takes Jambavan ‘s suggestion and immediately takes off for Lanka. King Dasharatha has three wives. When Shiva came to know this, he sends Virabhadra, who wreaks havoc of the sacrifice and Daksha is slain. He is drawn towards the palace and decides to visit the inhabitant. The Ramcharita Manas is written in verse. In the meanwhile, King Janaka arranges a swayamvara ceremony for his daughter Sita.

Ravana threatens to behead Sita but is calmed down by his wife, Mandodari.

Shiva ponders how he can catch sight of Ram. On arrival, Hanuman explains all that happened and immediately an army is prepared to go south towards Lanka.

Shiva explains that Her father Daksha has organised a great sacrifice where many demigods were invited. Ram, described as the Lord of immortals, immediately becomes an infant and begins to cry.

They are ideal husband and wife. I like to read it again and again.


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However, Hanuman kills Kalanemi with ease. They approach Queen Kaushalya and see her in a sorry state. Some scholars are of the opinion that there is also an underlying personal conversation between Tulsidas and Lord Rama all through the text of Ramcharitmanas.

essay on my favourite book ramcharitmanas in english

The monkey army then ventures back to where SugrivaRama and Lakshman are waiting. With much sorrow and hurt, Bharata leaves Rama and returns to Ayodhya. The Stuti has therefore been englksh and it is a popular prayer sung on the occasion of Ram’s birthday.

The story takes a new turn, as Rama, Sita and Lakshman are approached by the sister of the demon-king Ravanacalled Surpanakha.

essay on my favourite book ramcharitmanas in english

It relates the story how Ram conquered Ravan- the victory of good over evil. Shatrughna comes across Manthara and beats her in rage. At last, they all returned to Ayodhya.

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The Hindus worship Rama as an incarnation of eenglish. World History, Complete, 7th ed. Shiva remains in his great trance. I read this book and enjoy it.

Essay on Ramcharitmanas, My Favorite Book Essay in English

Ravana insults Angada and his refusal to comply makes war inevitable. On returning to AyodhyaSumantra meets Dasharatha, who asks him the whereabouts of Rama. There is hardly a Hindu family in Northern India which does not possess a copy of it. Shiva says that this is not a justifiable request but the word of a master cannot be set aside and ramchaditmanas be obeyed.


The brothers then set out to discover the beautiful city and visit Janaka ‘s garden. Ironically, when he wrote it, Tulsi was ostracized by Hindu fundamentalists then represented by local priests for having “corrupted” essag epic written in Sanskrit.

Rama throws numerous arrows at Ravana but is unable to kill him. It is one of the most treasured books of Hindi literature.

She explains all that has happened, after which Ravana calls for his old friend Maricha. Sati is unable to tell the truth and says that she did not test Ram, but praised his as You had.

Ed Exam Pattern Bihar B. You may also like: She will remain ever united with him and bring great glory upon her parents. Something had to happen if Rama was to embark on his mission to rid the world of Ravana.