United States Institute of Peace, An article that discusses the opportunities of peace and the profit of the people from the Bangsamoro Basic Law. Legislative efforts for the establishment of a Bangsamoro autonomous region was first proposed and deliberated upon by the 16th Congress of the Philippines but failed to pass into law. This work identifies and compares the peace process in Muslim Mindanao before and the peace process during The peace of the region can encourage foreign investors to establish businesses. The same objectionable provisions of the Constitution were again incorporated as part of the fundamental law of the land. Gov’t needs Plan B”. These are the same banners that greeted more than 50, MILF members and supporters last month, as they followed the roads to Darapanan yet again, this time for the Bangsamoro Consultative Assembly.

If a law will constrict such expression and practice of democracy, then people have the right to create a more expansive law that would really reflect their hopes and aspirations, because laws should be tools of liberation and not of oppression. The Standard, 1 Apr. But we feel most secured there. Seventy percent do not have access to running water and electricity. And the most honest answer that came out was, when we can finally go home. More than eliciting euphoric jubilation, the exercise should have resulted in a sobering realization that peacebuilding is a process — it is difficult, but it can be done.

Various cities and municipalities, notably Isabela City in Basilan and Zamboanga City have rejected their inclusion in the Bangsamoro region. This is a law that will greatly impact the lives of a lot of Filipinos.

It will create a new Bangsamoro homeland composed of contiguous provinces, cities and municipalities who want and have voted to become part of the entity. Click here to sign up. The enemy numbered six hundred – including women and children – and we abolished them utterly, leaving not even a baby alive to cry for his dead mother.


Bangsamoro Organic Law

By the time of Spain’s arrival, Islam and the rule of the Sultans were firmly in place in Mindanao and Sulu. The government must demand something back. They also view the provision as unconstitutional saying that the constitution must be amended since it only consent to one autonomous region in Mindanao viewing the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region as a distinct political entity to the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao. Counter Hate and Malevolence – Part 2 — Responding to hate with hate is like pouring gasoline on a fire A critical analysis of the campaigns, legalities and processes of the Bangsamoro Basic Law.

Personal Reflections on the Bangsamoro Struggle | Beyond Intractability

Beyond Intractability’s initiatives, learning materials, and knowledge base are designed to help everyone play a more constructive role in limiting the intractable and extraordinarily complex conflict problems that threaten our common future. Yes indeed, why not? Articles containing Filipino-language text. The Bangsamoro Basic Law needs bbangsamoro.

In some sort of thought transference, they began to call these people Moros. For thousands of years, we were all just like every Austronesian-speaking people, in villages or out in the sea, until when a group of people in what is now Sulu accepted Islam and became the first from these islands to assume the identity of a world religion.

The Bangsamoro Organic Law and peacebuilding processes in the democratic space

The banners are from six years ago, when the Framework Agreement was presented to an emotional audience, and where the realization that a new autonomous region was within reach dawned on the consciousness of the Bangsamoro people. It can open a lot of doors in the region.

In practice, however, the concept of autonomy appeared to be strict supervision and control by the Office of the President and the Philippine Congress. But at present, the passage of the Bangsamoro Basic Law in Congress is seen as the way forward to finally bringing peace in Mindanao. Archived from the original PDF on 10 July By Nur Asmaa Zulkifli.


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More than the amount the bicam decided, which is P50 billion for 10 essya instead of the BTC proposal of P billion for 20 years, the significance of the funding is in its intent to support the rehabilitation and normalization process that will address not only the situation of the former combatants but also the internally displaced persons, widows and orphans, and wbout communities. Cellar Book Shop,pp. While resolutions were not adopted, relationships were made.

But what is the Bangsamoro Basic Law? When the Bangsamoro tries to take back what it is rightfully theirs, why do others have to decide on their claim? Some provisions are unjust and biased to the MILF. Mark Twain in Protest ed. A study on the limitations of the peace agreements made by the Arroyo Administration. At the heart of the Mindanao peace process which gave birth to the BOL is the struggle of the Bangsamoro people to assert their right to self-determination.

These points in history are often the moments when the story of who people are, their self-understanding, was transformed in unexpected ways, disrupted, or even destroyed. Numerous indigenous groups in the Bangsamoro region do not adhere to Xbout nor Islam, making them vulnerable to exploitation in a proposed Muslim-controlled regional government.

essay about bangsamoro law

Practical things we can all do to limit the destructive conflicts threatening our future. The Philippine Star, 24 Nov. Demographics Peoples Lumad Moro Visayan.