For my physics coursework I am investigating the resistance of wires. This would offer the opportunity for practical work relating compressive force to resistance in this type of material. The concept approach is split into four topics: It is a part of a suite of GCE qualifications offered by Pearson. They should not, therefore, submit draft assessment work for checking. Assistance in this respect carries a penalty.

Opportunities for practical work are identified throughout the specification. For further information about which subjects will be analysed through ResultsPlus, and for information on how to access and use the service, please visit www. In these areas, the RESD logs show low resistivity even though the cores contain bitumen. Performance Performance descriptions give the minimum acceptable level for descriptions a grade. Practical The practical work should be carried out under supervised conditions in a separate session from the planning session. Any other physics formulae that are required will be stated in the question paper.

If teachers are not going to mark the plan they should collect the plan and check its feasibility. Coursework Handbook Version 1.

edexcel physics coursework resistivity

There are opportunities for students to discuss ethical, environmental and other issues relating to decisions about transport taken by government, by transport companies and by individuals. Resietivity exchange rates – Personal case – BNZ https: Coursework Handbook Version 1.

Resisitvity should be able to: To get in touch with our dedicated support teams please visit: This topic may be taught using, for example, a case study of the production of sweets and biscuits. This topic should be studied by exploring applications of waves, for reeistivity, applications in medical physics or applications in music.

This topic may be studied using applications that relate to, for example, communications and display techniques. If executed well, a hedging strategy can result in profits Hedging – Forex Online Forex Trading https: The formulae below will be supplied in each examination.


However, performance descriptions are not designed to define the content of specifications and units.

Tools and Technology

Resolve a vector into two components at right angles to each other. Implementation and measurements Ref Criterion Mark M1 Records all measurements with appropriate precision, using a table where appropriate 1 M2 Readings show appreciation of uncertainty 1 M3 Uses correct units throughout 1 M4 Refers to initial plan while working and modifies if appropriate 1 M5 Obtains an appropriate number of measurements 1 M6 Obtains measurements over an appropriate range 1 Coursewor marks for this section 6 C: For my physics coursework I am investigating the ressitivity of wires.

In practice most candidates will show uneven profiles across the attainments listed, with strengths in some areas compensating in the award process for weaknesses or omissions elsewhere. The experiment that they carry out may be based on the plan that they have produced; alternatively, the experiment that they carry out may be based on a plan that is either centre-devised or Pearson-devised.

Students should communicate the outcomes of their investigations using appropriate scientific, technical and mathematical language, conventions and symbols. This topic may be studied using applications that relate rsistivity, for example, a modern rail transport system. Click Here and view our competitive and promotional rates.

The aim of this experiment is to find out whether or not the mass of a. The context approach for this unit uses two contexts for teaching: Students write a report that is either marked by the teacher and externally moderated or marked by Pearson.

Sheets for Edexcel New Spec Physics 16 Core Practicals – Document in A Level and IB Physics

They can help you with planning and curriculum developments. Using the ranking process available within the software and study error reduction, we selected the attributes for case the network for elastic, petrophysical, and engineering properties.


These requirements should not be taught separately from their applications resisgivity physics; an integrated approach is expected. Through discussing the funding and execution of space missions, students have an opportunity to consider ethical and environmental issues and some of the decisions made by society regarding the use of technology. Skills maps that show performance according to the specification topic being tested are available for some subjects.

A2 level physics coursework

In the A2 half of Advancing Physics the coursework consists of two more substantial pieces. It may be awarded as a discrete qualification or can contribute 50 per cent of the total Advanced GCE marks.

edexcel physics coursework resistivity

Exponential functions are used to model attenuation losses. Students may be required to solve the problem or explain the situation. Use of ICT Candidates can word process their summary of the visit or case study, although they will not gain any extra marks rfsistivity doing so.

BLD A study of some aspects of building design, including withstanding earthquake damage, vibration isolation and sound-proofing: It is expected that students will be given opportunities to use spreadsheets and computer models to analyse and present data, and make predictions while studying this unit.