One-half of their bodies is dressed in male clothing, while the other half is dressed in female clothing. Their celebrity partner is chosen for them in the daily round, which will be their companion for the rest of the competition. A social media phenomenon about love and lip-synching” — via www. In the jackpot round, the contestant is presented with seven boxes placed side by side. In the second round, the competitors must transfer as many eels as they can from one container to the other. The players alternatively drew a star to indicate if the phrase is English and a quick outline of the Philippine flag if it is Tagalog.

The two players with the most points advance to the next round. AlDub has gained the global record for the most tweeter feed in 24 hours. The final round involves snakes. It is a contest for children who must send two pictures to the show: Christmas Party is a segment for groups of coworkers who can put on a good musical performance for their company Christmas party.

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They must hop forwards in the first half of the playing field, and then hop backwards in the last half est the field. The second round is a challenge that involves transferring frogs, eels, or cockroaches from one container to another. The first three texters from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao win the same prize.

eat bulaga problem solving march 21 2015

The only difference between ACTually and I Object is the theme and the setting, and that both teams must now require to mention the use and function of the object. The two were featured on YES!


eat bulaga problem solving march 21 2015

Aside from the main format, it also adds several challenges and twists for the picturist such as: Two groups of families consisting of four members for each group, a mother, a father, and two of their children, compete in a friendly competition. One notable contestant is television newscaster Arnold Clavio whose band played as The Beatles. Failure to respond within five seconds or to provide an incorrect answer gives the other player an opportunity to respond within three seconds.

Each celebrity leader is called “Mother Goose”. How much the cash prize will be given to the participants will depend on the segment’s financiers.

Notable alumni of the contest are winner Jericho Rosales [82] and winner Edgar Allan Guzman. The Kalyeserye’s main storyline is the Cinderella -like forbidden courtship between the AlDub tandem, with its paramount goal being the first physical meeting between the two, a move continually opposed by Lola Nidora.

Each day, three intelligent children battle for the title of “Classroom Superstar” by solving simple math questions. The raffle promo ran from March to Septemberwith 12 weekly draws and the grand draw televised in Eat Bulaga! For the second round, the searcher and the candidate will be doing another matching game again. The winner of the day is determined by a panel of Dabarkads judges and is sent to the weekly grand finals for the chance to win a larger cash prize.

The segment is fully scripted and the outcome of the competition is previously arranged. Archived from the original on Red, Yellow, and Green.

Eat bulaga problem solving march 21 2015

The edition of Miss Millennial Philippines serves as Eat Bulaga’s road to the 40th anniversary celebration with 40 candidates doing the same format. Contestants compete by playing mardh Brick Game. The segment has several reincarnations throughout the years, with the mechanics of several reincarnations slightly tweaked and added several challenges and twists, such as GuhEat Bulaga!


There is always a Singapore police officer stationed at the staircase entrance to the Causeway to prevent anyone from crossing the Causeway on foot. Alden and Yaya Dub’s forbidden love”.

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See, you are drawn to the number immediately and if possible financial figures are always best. Retrieved 22 June Bayanihan of d’ Pipol segment searches for a prohlem store who sells multiple Alaska Fortified Milk products on a certain barangay.

There are 3 BOOM! It is the counterpart of the Broadway Singer Citizens: In each round, one representative from each of the two teams will be pitted against each other.

The dance contest serves as a promotional segment for the song ” Lovefool ” by The Cardigans after its release in The five finalists will advance and compete for the grand showdown of the competition.

Four lucky people are chosen from the studio audience.

Rey Pumaloy also became known for his catchprases “Aminin!