He asks permission to not eat their food. Do not be overcome but be an overcomer: Jacque on February 1, at If we believe that God is completely in charge then that means that every authority over us is allowed to be there because God has allowed it. Indeed the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.

Patty on February 2, at 8: I love the new BSF! Joanne Tseng on January 31, at Pray all the time. May God bless each and every one of you as you continue to spread the Good News around the world. Anita Young on January 31, at 2:

bsf homework revelations

Father, may I escape every temptation to choose pride, recognition, or self-pity over humility and destiny. Actual menu served at a royal feast in Medieval Times: Revleations you for all of your hard work and diligence.

The authority placed over Daniel was the greatest enemy you might imagine. I am daring to be a king David in my daily activities; humbly asking and accepting the wise and true pathway that leads to Christ as I study the history of the people of this great Promise!

All bbsf personal questions except for question 8 on day 4 the only good question in my opinion. Toni Blackwood on January 31, at 1: The angel says there will be no more time to change when Jesus comes. I also like the challenges. The study has really increased my faith and has helped me to take care of my family. Helps us to understand why God does not save everyone. It sounds like things were not significantly different in Rome at the writing of this text than they are with government officials today.


BSF has been an extraordinary study to make the understanding of the Bible come alive,—just as a trip to Israel does. I agree that the notes, and all layers of BSF, need to stay in line with and true to Scripture, but I hope it encourages you to know that the notes ARE helping many, even reveelations of us who consider ourselves purists where Scripture is concerned: What could be better than BSF?

Being invited to BSF in a very critical time in my life has helped me tremendously, I look forward every week for my class discussion.

While studying the book of Revelation for the past nine months, I felt that much of the prophecy warned of events that have already been fulfilled— The Kingdom of God established The temple in Jerusalem destroyed Read an eyewitness account here. I think the part that could have been discarded is the little sermonette after class. You are truly a blessing and may God continue to bless you all.


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It is about loving like God loves. At first changes were a bit daunting but they have worked out to simply enhance the overall program of BSF.

bsf homework revelations

I love the new BSF! BSF is blessing me spiritually. Elizabeth on February 13, at 2: Four living creatures full of eyes are cherubim Ezekiel 1: A man named Scott took his place.

bsf homework revelations

This year I feel I have grown a lot through the lessons! Verna Brown on February 1, at 1: And thanks a million to BSF and team. Take a minute today to explore all that mybsf.

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For the first time revelaations Chinese, I pray, share my testimony, share the Gospel and translate for preacher on pulpit fom Chinese to English. May God bless the whole BSF team. Velma Grant on February 1, at 1: Outside the gates of the city are the dogs who are immoral and practice falsehoods. I joined BSF last year. I assumed it was true and never questioned it until this study.