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It is worth noting he already had a published paper before arriving in the US. One is a genius if he or she does solve really hard problems, especially in the fields like math, physics, etc. Zhang’s paper was accepted by Annals of Mathematics in early May , [6] his first publication since his last paper in Yes, this should be true. Retrieved May 21,

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This guy sounds like a plant. Retrieved May 20, Is Zhang a genius? Intelligence and skill really make a small part of the overall requirement for success. Equally, you can talk about any number of desirable qualities Zuckerberg and Brin had but you can’t ignore the fact that they went to accelerators for gifted children rather than a public school in the rough theeis of town.

What I’m trying to say is that perhaps you shouldn’t worry too much about whether you are a genius or smart enough but just try to be happy by doing something you enjoy. It doesn’t matter how long thhesis takes one to solve the hard problems.

yitang zhang thesis

Tzuong-Tsieng Moh, his Ph. I read about this the other day. Manin Elliott H. Let her deal with this issue. This result implies the existence of an infinitely repeatable prime 2-tuple[2] thus establishing a theorem akin to the twin prime conjecture.


yitang zhang thesis

Similar stories were also heard in old Europe. After graduation, Zhang had a hard time finding an academic position.

Yitang Zhang

How many people like Lin and Zhang are we missing? It’s not a strange idea for many people on the planet. Yes, this should be true. He also worked in a motel in Kentucky and in a Subway sandwich shop. Prior to getting back to academia, he worked for several years as an accountant and a delivery worker for a New York City restaurant. The classical form of the twin prime conjecture is equivalent to P 2 ; and in fact it has been conjectured that P k holds for all even integers k.

Lieb Richard P. Lin, for instance, was just plain lucky. University of New Hampshire.

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Tennessee posts, read 1, times Reputation: Retrieved from ” https: Being a genius doesn’t mean she or he can solve really hard problems easily. Ar-Curunir thesia Dec 31, I don’t know why this result would have applications in crypto; you could have just assumed the twin prime conjecture to prove your algorithm correct.

While working for the University of New Hampshire zgang a lecturer, Zhang submitted an article to the Annals of Mathematics in which established the first finite bound on the least gap between consecutive primes that is attained infinitely often. I believe it’s iff the generalized Elliott-Halberstam is true, and iff it’s false.


yitang zhang thesis

That was a job market problem. There’s quite a few cultures where it’s a traditional norm to put one’s wife in charge of the household finances cultures in which that wife tends to be stuck at home running it, whereas the husband is mostly home to thhesis and otherwise working himself to death. AnimalMuppet on Dec 30, Page 1 of 2. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

True, but it’s not unheard of for math PhD’s to graduate with no refereed publications certainly they’ll have a thesisso it really was the lack of his advisor’s recommendation that killed his career.

I really like this guy, and I’d probably answer the last two questions in the same way wife coming soon! I find this very inspiring, because it seems like he’s not necessarily a genius but just worked really hard and didn’t give up.