But students are well aware of the academic rigor of the courses they are taking. The art kids hung out with the art kids, there was a lot of social pressure. Teachers are affected, because they have to reshape lesson plans, and are left virtually immobile since they cannot assign supporting work that night. When a child is not able to meet those standards they lose their self confidence. The amount of work you get throughout your education usually increases overall and is determined by the difficulty level of the class.

No Homework Nights force teachers and students to cram work in so they can stick to their schedule. However, now that teachers understand the system, they have no excuse. Many students claim their teachers ignored the October 22 No Homework Night. While we pride ourselves on our hard work, there is also a steady undercurrent of pressure that comes with this. Aderhold was extremely receptive to what they were saying during the meeting, Keely said.

Born and raised in a village in South India he has an optimistic view on what America has to offer. All these things can take place on social media now.

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However, it seems to undermine the high expectations of the district curriculum and the unspoken ones of excellence from both teachers and students. Students will find themselves doing some sort of work either way. But four nights a year do not do justice to this all-important part of childhood, one that is eroding fast under the constant pressure of expectations and a stagnating job market. Nor does the urge nihgts learn for the sake of learning; instead, students rely on cheating.


No Homework Nights, in this respect, are a good way to give students a break from the daily grind and give them a chance to get outside, read a book or have dinner with their family. But she allows students to use their mobile devices if they need to look up a definition or clarify a concept.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. To make No Homework Nights function, the district would need to make homewirk to the curriculum. Aderhold was trying to do.

The staff debates No Homework Nights

Jill and her husband were both born and raised in New Jersey and moved to West Windsor Township in Priyanka believes the best way to improve the high stress level is to increase the support system available to students. She said it was a little too intense. Homedork thousand one hundred thirty five and counting. There never truly is no homework.

wwp no homework nights

Anita is a mother of two children who graduated from the district in and Hoework is understandably difficult for teachers to reschedule homework assignments planned well ahead of time, especially if the homework assignments are built into a set lesson plan. At North, we have the privilege of being taught by people who care about our classes as much, or almost as much, as we do.

Either No Homework Nights need to be seriously revised, or the district needs to think of something new. One of the biggest issues facing West Windsor-Plainsboro high schools is the stress level among the students. The teachers are afraid to give him critiques.


Bugge, who also lets students use their phones during class, said he considers cheating a serious problem: The real truth is that the work is going to be assigned, and whether stated or not, teachers will expect you to do it, making No Homework homewlrk lead to a misplaced sense of relaxation. Instead, administration should reschedule these No Homework nights at the beginning of marking periods.

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Putting in time for nnights at home is useful not only to learn new information but also, perhaps more frequently, to retain and better understand knowledge acquired through the day. Notify me of new comments via email.

wwp no homework nights

Despite this, students break the rules on a daily basis and feel no remorse. On a broad scale, a handful of No Homework Nights are not going to change much. They requested a meeting with Dr. But academic integrity issues at North are more far-reaching than finding a final exam online. The art kids hung out with the art kids, there was a lot of social pressure. Everyone is doing well.

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