The superintendent, in turn, shall recommend to the county board that the student be expelled. Student Inquiry and Expression. Explain how individual, social and cultural differences may increase vulnerability to bullying, identify ways to address it and analyze the effects of taking action to oppose bullying based on individual and group differences. The School and Community Social Skills Standards outlined in Chapter 1 are student focused and articulate the dispositions that students in West Virginia public schools are expected to develop throughout their school career. Individual Behavior with which students demonstrate the ability to: The hearing may be postponed for good cause shown by the student, but he or she remains under suspension until after the hearing. Level 1 Inappropriate Behaviors

The West Virginia Department of Education WVDE will provide a crosswalk of these existing standards to demonstrate the comprehensive correlation to the social and emotional learning standards. If the school does not amend the records, a hearing may be requested to challenge the content of the records. Demonstrate knowledge of how social norms affect decision making and behavior. Suspension is considered a temporary solution to inappropriate behavior until the problem that caused the suspension is corrected. Concern regarding application to private, parochial and religious schools:

A student will not engage in improper parking of a motor vehicle on school property.

Policy Expected Behaviors in Safe and Supportive Schools

The drugs listed in Level 3 are not controlled substances set forth in W. The school professional will assist students in getting needed help to prevent the abuse from recurring.

Recognize that others may experience situations differently from oneself. The county board also may establish cooperatives with private entities to provide middle educational programs which may include programs focusing on developing individual coping skills, conflict resolution, anger control, self-esteem issues, stress management and decision making for students and any other program related to preventive discipline.


Commission of an act that would constitute a felony under the laws of the state on the premises of an educational facility, at a school sponsored function or on a school bus.

Students do not have a constitutional right against self-incrimination when being questioned by school officials or PRO Officers acting under the supervision of school officials who are investigating school related misconduct.

A student will not ignore or refuse to comply with directions or instructions given by school authorities. The teacher or bus driver may exclude from his or her classroom or school bus any student who is guilty of homeworl behavior as outlined in Chapter 4, Section 2, Levels 1, 2, 3 or 4.

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Participate politely in classroom discussions Initiate positive habits that contribute to school readiness Take responsibility for completing homework Appropriately cope with stressful situations Use technology homewotk it is contextually appropriate without interruption or offense to others. Apply conflict resolution skills within a group. The student and his homeaork her parent sguardian s or custodian sas the case may be, shall be given telephonic notice, if possible, of this informal hearing, which notice shall briefly state the grounds for the out-of-school suspension.

Suspension is considered a temporary solution to inappropriate behavior until the problem that caused the suspension is corrected.

Nurturing Success – West Virginia Department of Education

Utilize communication, negotiation and conflict resolution skills in the workplace Advocate for appropriate work conditions Utilize social skills to improve customer service. The following social and emotional learning standards, objectives and example behaviors shall be the guide for county boards of education. Evaluate the application of communication and social skills in daily interactions with peers, teachers and families.

County boards may authorize a possession of deadly weapons on school property for: West Virginia Code requires that the principal shall suspend a student who commits a behavior classified as Level 4 in this policy.

Maintain a work space appropriate to the classroom setting Speak in a tone of voice appropriate for situation Apply school rules i.


Responsibilities of County Boards of Education. Schools shall support and promote social and emotional learning in all settings. Students will not engage in inappropriate displays of intimate affection, such as kissing or embracing. If a student has been suspended for these reasons, the principal may request that the superintendent recommend to the county board that the student be expelled.

Authority of teachers and other school…. Participate politely in classroom discussions Express anger in non-aggressive ways Respect private property Refrain from cyber-bullying. Amorous relationships between county board employees and students are prohibited.

A student will not unlawfully and intentionally injure another student.

wvde homework policy

Expected Student Dispositions — this chapter is completely new to the policy and outlines the school and community social skills standards that support expected student behaviors. This includes blogs and social media postings created for the purpose of inviting others to indulge in disruptive and hateful conduct towards a student or staff member. Analyze ways to work effectively in groups.

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Improper or Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle. Analyze how personal qualities influence choices and successes.

wvde homework policy

Other methods of discipline polcy be used for the student which may include, but are not limited to, detention, extra class time or alternative class settings. Procedures for Reporting Action on Substantiated Incidents A student will not engage in a physical altercation using blows in an attempt to harm or overpower another person or persons. Evaluate how responsible decision-making affects wvce and group relationships and apply the skills to establish responsible social and work relationships.