We generally take on between 8 and 12 Fellows each year. Do you have any legal departments in WPP? When we asked Trish to sum up the application process in one word, ‘rigorous’ was the answer she gave. Which three rotations would you do on the Fellowship? Talent is all you need, it’s our common ground. How often do you recruit? Show me you can write.

Then we help them to set up a structured program that ultimately leads to their goals. I ask purely because of the yearly rotation to a different area of the business. This can be a significant shock to people coming out of the academic world! What campaigns have you hated? The applicants are of course English middle class Brits with a few Americans Im was an international student. How do you find working in other countries? I graduated with a 2:

We recruit once a year, essqy have done since Fellows continue to be advised by their WPP mentors through this process, and I assist with the negotiations!

How can a WPP Fellow make themselves future-proof in this digital market? Register or Log in. Just in case some of you didn’t know, WPP is the company that owns some of the world’s most famous communications and marketing agencies. If you understand that, your chance felllowship success will be greater.

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Very long and challenging application process- written application with essay question sto video submission, to first round face to face interview, to final round with up to 25 candidates. It’s free to sign up and for a limited period you can download our Complete Guide to Business School Applications. Upload a resume to easily apply to jobs from anywhere. How has the effect of technology benefited or limited WPP?


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After three years, Fellows interview with fellowsuip for a permanent role. Yes, if Fellows decide to move between markets, we do sponsor visas. Most Fellows would tell you that the interview experience was tough, but enjoyable. Through the entire application process, they learned as much about themselves as they did about WPP and our industry.

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The obvious answer would be to work in the film industry. This year, the deadline is on November 9th. A good application is like half of an interesting conversation. Where do you think the future of marketing and communications will go?

We recruit Fellows from all over the world, and they now all start around the middle of August in London.

Inside View: WPP

When we asked Trish to sum up the application process in one word, ‘rigorous’ was the answer she gave. This depends on a combination of your preference and experience, the agency brand, and the presence of someone who will mentor you well.

You engage me with your personal introduction, talk engagingly about your experience, and provide stimulating, thought-provoking answers to the essay questions. Remember — we are eseay people, not qualifications, and any application that gives just name, rank and serial number, or provides a very narrow, marketing communications-centric view of the world, is unlikely to succeed.


The application process for the MBA Fellowship is incredibly competitive: Register with BusinessBecause for full access to the site – including the latest course and business school news, success stories and career inspiration. I think it is great that this fellowship is 3 years feolowship, you would learn so much.

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The best Fellows are interesting, and interested. We spoke to EY about how to juggle studying and working. For the second and third year, you make the decision. An application which includes short essay questions estimated people apply at this point.

Find out everything you can about our company, and our business. This being helped by the fact that I offer personal feedback to all of those we interview after each stage. View All num of num Close Esc.

wpp fellowship essay

Over the years we have hired several law students onto the Fellowship, and they have all made the transition very successfully. Talent is all you need, it’s our common ground. Which three rotations would you do on the Fellowship?

Over the eight years that she’s held this position she’s essag with colleagues all over the world to achieve WPP’s global recruitment objectives.