It is never too early to begin thinking about a thesis topic! Skip to main content. This experience should help you to get into professional or graduate school, find a job and excel in your chosen profession. Your thesis chair should help you to identify clear milestones and deadlines for your project. It is highly recommended that you select at least two committee members in addition to your thesis chair. You will be informed what the problems are that must be addressed before the proposal can be reconsidered and are encouraged to make an appointment to come in to the honors college if you need more information. First and last name of committee member:

All College of Fine Arts BFA students submit a written document detailing their experience, the context or history of their performance e. Predatory publishers send unsolicited requests for articles, may send false information about their journals and typically charge large fees to authors. While not required of students entering prior to fall , it is strongly recommended that those students consider taking this course as well. Most faculty identify their specific areas of expertise on their departmental websites. Of course, you should show up for these meetings and be prepared for them.

The tjesis consists of three parts: If your project involves the use of recombinant or synthetic DNA, or microbiological agents and their products, or life sciences research, you must contact the Institutional Biosafety Committee WMU-IBC at After your successful thesis defense, your committee may recommend some further revisions to your written thesis.

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Resources for Honors Students. Although this may seem daunting, it is an excellent opportunity for you to develop and improve skills related to your intended profession, or in an area of significant interest to you, with the close guidance of a dedicated team of experts – your thesis chair and committee.

Don’t worry about trying to reach a particular length, however. Submitting this form any earlier may result in lost or damaged defense packets which will require that they be generated again, and this wastes time and resources for us all. Ideally, the thesis topic should be chosen early in the junior year. In the humanities, this might include a reading from your original paper. Thesis Celebration third choice date and time: How long will it take to complete my thesis?


The thesis committee chair and the dean or the associate dean of the honors college must approve the thesis topic.

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Thesis Declaration Ideally, this form should be submitted at least three semesters before you intend to graduate. Your thesis title and committee chair will also be listed on your official university transcript. You should definitely have regularly scheduled meetings with your thesis chair. If you have any questions about Thesis Celebration Days, please give us a call ator contact Jennifer Townsend via email.

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There are no requirements regarding the length of your thesis. If you do not already know the person the instructor recommends to be your thesis chair, ask your instructor if he or she would be willing to introduce you to that person.

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If your committee anticipates that more than one hour will be needed for your defense, please make certain that your room is available or make plans to continue your closed-door defense in another location. In order to be registered for HNRSyou must complete and submit a signed HNRS registration form at least one month prior to the semester in which you wish to enroll in the course.

First and last name of additional committee member: This experience should help you to get into professional or graduate school, find a job and excel in your chosen profession.

A reflection paper is required for creative works. Use your initial committee meeting to get feedback about your topic, and to put together a preliminary timeline for your work. The committee members need not be WMU faculty, but should have expertise relevant to your hojors of study. Likewise, sham conference organizers will send targeted emails asking for abstract or article contributions with substantial submission fees. If you wish to include a graduate student advised or supervised by your thesis chair, you may do so, but you must then select an additional committee member who does not work in the research group of your thesis chair.


If you have any questions at all about submitting this form, please contact Jennifer Townsend.

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This paper should address why you made the choices you made for your creative project and a self-evaluation of the final product along with any other information you wish to include, as well as any additional writing required by your thesis advisor. There are many ways to find a thesis chair.

This course must be completed the semester you plan to defend your thesis, and not before. College of Engineering and Applied Sciences students typically use their senior design project as the honors thesis. Overview The honors thesis is a long-standing tradition in honors programs and colleges, including the Lee Honors College at Western Michigan University.

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Remember that the thesis topic does not have to be within your major program of study. An honors thesis is defined as an original work of scholarship or creative activity completed by an undergraduate honors student. You should aim at finding a topic that really appeals to you; your preliminary reading and conversations may suggest some areas that are prime for additional research. If you are really stuck, come in to the honors college and discuss your concerns with an advisor or the dean or associate dean.