Of the graduates who decided to pursue advanced degrees, thirty-nine percent entered general graduate schools, thirty-six percent entered law school, and twenty-three percent entered graduate studies in the health professions. Today, many college classrooms are cavernous, badly lit lecture halls. Please select “Early Decision” as your admission application type. What SAT score required to get scholarships in Harvard? If there is one thing that defines all colleges, it must be the classroom.

Teachers here seem to relish the opportunity to get to know the students, even if they realize that that particular student will only be taking that one class from them. This website and its associated pages are not affiliated with, endorsed by, or sponsored by this school. Most Popular Fields of Study. Is a good SAT score? You dismissed this ad. Doing so may increase the total amount of aid a student may be awarded. What SAT score required to get scholarships in Harvard?

Washington and Lee University

The General Activities Board brings bands and comedians to campus. The renovation of Wilson Field, the stadium for football, lacrosse, and track and field, was completed infinishing the Richard L. Many fraternities and sororities engage in volunteer efforts, such as tutoring elementary students, cleaning up nature trails, organizing food blood drives, and working for the local emergency services. These freedoms extend beyond the classroom as well.

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Students even schedule their own exams during week-long exam periods. Because the Honor System works esssay well, Washington and Lee students enjoy freedoms that would be impossible at other universities. What SAT score required to get scholarships in Harvard? National College Match Requirements for: This new spring term offers innovative, intensive, and challenging student learning experiences in ways that differ markedly from the experience of the two twelve-week terms.


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Of course, every member of Generation X does not have a skateboard and a navel ring. Today, a committee of elected students known as scholarshil Executive Committee administers the Honor System, informing freshmen of its guidelines and enforcing its principles.

I still maintain that in no other school can one find such a classy group of well brought-up individuals. Festivities fill the weekend, making for a marathon that only the most excited students can complete. Washington and Lee uses student scholarxhip dollars as efficiently and fairly as any university in the country. Applicants must submit the Common Application www. Add a video … Related and Contributed Videos There aren’t any videos for this school.

The year saw the inaugural season of Wilson Hall, the new music and art facility. Please submit these materials as soon as you are notified you are a Finalist. What is considered a good SAT score?

Washington and Lee University (WLU, W&L, WLU) Introduction and Academics – Lexington, VA

Its report for the class of shows fifty-nine percent of graduates in employment, along with twenty-seven percent seeking postbaccalaureate degrees. Doing so may increase the total amount of aid a student may be awarded. Update including recent grades. Writing samples, teacher recommendations, and records of leadership, citizenship, and involvement in non-academic activities will be weighed.


For example, will a SAT Since professors trust that cheating will not occur, students take unproctored tests and exams. Students compose their papers on computers in computer labs located in most academic buildings.

Students can expect replies from Washington and Lee in early April. Lee took esay oath of office as president of the school in All students enjoy the majestic beauty of the surrounding Shenandoah Valley and Blue Ridge Mountains, which provide every imaginable outdoor activity.

w&l johnson scholarship essay

That johnspn, since the scholars — not quite ten percent of each entering class — are selected based on demonstrated leadership, academic achievement, and potential, you might guess that they would be in the top quartile of the qualifications of the class as a whole. Admitted students happily claim a coveted place in the freshman class.

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Add a video …. Somehow, they all seem bound by a single thread.

Classes If there is one thing that defines all colleges, it must be the classroom.