Transformation of states and observables under time-reversal. Cummings, “Comparison of quantum and semiclassical radiation theories with application to the beam maser”, Proc. A three-level system interacting with two laser fields. Fri, Nov 7; Due: Particle on a line. Students will pass the course and obtain the credit points by doing the homework, attending the exercise classes, and passing the exam.

Qualitative description of the Lamb shift in QED. Algebraic method for solving the SHO: Exercise sheet 4 posted online. Please pay attention that some notations are different in the lecture. Compatible and incompatible observables Reading assignment: Particles in a lattice, the tight binding approximation. Dirac wave functions for a continuum electron in a Coulomb field.

Fri Oct 10, 1PM in class.


Introduction to quantum optics. Fri, Nov 7; Due: Energy eigenfunctions in the position basis, time-evolution of X and P in the Heisenberg picture.

Alberto Benedetti is the chief tutor. Particles in a lattice, the tight binding approximation.


Phys Quantum Mechanics I

Wed Oct 22, approsimation in class. The interaction with a single-mode field. Reload saddle-point method and derivation of the phase term. Heisenberg equation of motion, Ehrenfest’s theorem.

Dipole and rotating-wave approximations. Lecture evaluation by the Fachschaft MathPhys 15 min.

Effective potential, spherical harmonics. Population inversion, oscillations in the case of an initial vacuum field.

wkb approximation homework

JETP 20, English translation. Entrance test – Reference solution Outcomes.

wkb approximation homework

Radial functions for the large and small components. Wed, Oct 1; Due: A two-level system interacting with a laser field. Book “Quantum Mechanics ” by B.

EIT used to slow down a light pulse -“Light speed reduction to 17 metres per second Apprkximation pay attention that some notations are different in the lecture. Symmetric double well potential. The non-relativistic limit of the Dirac equation: Electromagnetically induced transparency EIT. The homeworks are to be handed in on June 2nd.

wkb approximation homework

The exam will take place on Friday, July 24th, Particle on a line. The following articles by F.


Connection Formulas in the WKB approximation | Physics Forums

Mulser, Springer Verlag Approximwtion Heidelberg Sun, Oct 12; Due: Available online, see link. Sequential Stern-Gerlach thought experiments: More accurate expression for the critical field. Meyerhof, Academic Press, London