Create a free website or blog at WordPress. A Level Specification Teachers’ Guide. Compression and Storage Techniques [4 Marks] To get these marks, you should do the following: Data Processing Activities Within the Organisation. The features you use should be annotated on the final document. Save your mail merge template as a Word Template – printscreen the steps. Click here for further information.

Settings for tabs or indents. Example 1 Example 2. You must also explain the ethos or image you are trying to convey. Explanation of any pre-processing of images or text. You should include the following:

Please bear in mind that you have exemplars to follow, and that your flyer work is yet to be completed.

WJEC AS ICT – IT2 Coursework – Basic / Advanced Features – Help!?

Click here for a video on how to create a Word Template. Explain the overall purpose of your document and how it will be set out. You must include all the basic features and advanced features outlined below: A Level Specification Teachers’ Guide.

Read the latest copy of Sec-Ed Subscribe. You wiec talk about specific objects or files you have used in your documents. Click here for more information: This will mean that you have to scan in the 3 documents you have chosen to use.

Task 2 – Automated Documents [18 Marks].

wjec it2 coursework

Click here for a video on how to create macros in Word Advanced Features – You should aim to include at least 5 of the following. Documents to look at have included a flyer, a school magazine and a letter.


Basic Features – You should include all the following. Background – Description of the Organisation [2 Marks]. You must include all the basic features and at least 5 of the advanced features outlined below:.

The animation must be relevant to the presentation. Click here for a video on how to create a shortcut button in Word wjev State the purpose of your automated document and annotate the scanned image to identify any data that has been or could have been merged into the document e. You will learn the AQA work.

WJEC AS/A2 Information and Communication Technology Level 3 | Coleg Gwent

Wjed the Word Template to write a 2nd letter for a different purpose and run the mail merge again. You should include the following basic features: General descriptions of compression will gain you no marks. N ot waste time providing evidence which is not required.

Detailed Design of Document [4 Marks].

wjec it2 coursework

A brand often includes a logo, fonts, colour schemes, symbols and sound which may be developed to represent implicit values, ideas and whec personality. Click here for more information.

WJEC AS/A2 Information and Communication Technology Level 3

You should use all 3 to ensure that your background and ethos and house style section is text rich and your own work. When writing up IT2 coursework, c andidates should: Click here for further information.


You should be looking for features such as: Use of different fonts and styles [1 mark] Use of bold, centre and underline [1 mark] Autoshapes [1 mark] Right or Full Justification [1 mark] Bullet Coursewirk [1 mark] WordArt [1 mark] Shading Effects [1 mark] Headers and Footers [1 mark] Use of at least 2 forms of electronic combination of graphical images e. You must have at least 6 slides or all marks for purpose and design will be lost 1 mark is for the basic background djec and outline layout of the presentation with inherent page orientation and identified which frames were text and which were for pictures 1 mark is for details of the data both text and graphics including courzework and non original graphics.

Identify and describe at least 3 compression techniques you have used an why you used them. To get these marks you must collect at least 3 different documents used by the organisation don’t forget to include the documents in your project folder courseork analyse them to determine the ethos and house style.

There is a new deadline for this Friday — keep to it! Describe what is meant by compression and why is it useful.

wjec it2 coursework