Print Hardcover and Paperback , audio CD, audio cassette, audio download. Guns, Germs, and Steel: The reason the continent of Eurasia was able to develop to a much more advanced level than the rest of the world, with its complex empires, cradles of civilizations, and large amount of farming and domesticated species was due to its latitude on a specific east-west axis. The new information did not change any of the original edition’s conclusions. Its large area provided it with more plant and animal species suitable for domestication, and allowed its people to exchange both innovations and diseases.

What do historians think of Jared Diamond? A major advance in our understanding of human societies, Guns, Germs, and Steel chronicles the way that the modern world came to be and stunningly dismantles racially based theories of human history. What happened on all the continents before 11, B. Diamond touches on why the dominant powers of the last years have been West European rather than East Asian especially Chinese. Given his extensive background in botany and geology, it makes sense that he would look for the impact of those factors in the human story. Did you know zebras injure more zookeepers per year than do lions and tigers? This page was last edited on 13 May , at

Why were most big wild mammal species never domesticated? Eurasia is an iffy area for Diamond’s purposes.

Guns, Germs, and Steel

ks Here humans just take over the top of the hierarchy. There are critical essays by people more professionally accomplished and generally articulate than myself out there.

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what is diamonds thesis in guns germs and steel

View all 13 comments. The five most useful cow, horse, sheep, goat, and pig are all descendants of species endemic to Eurasia. He has dedicated this book to his sons and future generations.


Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies by Jared Diamond

It helps that there is an easily navigable river system, and germz that there are no impassible deserts or mountain ranges. Humanities and Social Sciences Online. Now Pollan Botany of Desire, not only has a more gripping style, but, to my mind at least a much more unique and interesting premise.

what is diamonds thesis in guns germs and steel

They write that “while empirical details should, of course, be correct, the primary yardstick for this kind of work cannot be attention to detail.

Despite the fascinating subject matter I found this book a bit diammonds. The Americas had difficulty adapting crops domesticated at one latitude for use at other latitudes and, in North America, adapting crops from one side of the Rocky Mountains to the other.

May 07, Rhiannon rated it it was ok Shelves: Non-geographic factors include those factors subsumed under the term culture, other factors subsumed under diamoncs term history, and decisions by individual people. And yet you are left with that adage of chaos theory: The dominant Out of Africa theory holds that modern humans developed east of the Great Rift Valley of the African continent at one time or another.

Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond

How well does the Civilization video game series explore many of the themes in Jared Diamond’s Guns, Germs, and Steel? It’s also wteel pointing out that even if one accepts Diamond’s thesis as persuasive, it doesn’t actually answer the question he sets out to answer: The importance Diamond lays at the hoofs and paws of domesticated animals is, in fact, one of the fascinating themes of the book.

what is diamonds thesis in guns germs and steel

ONLY people in Anthropology with a great understanding of theory. This is admittedly minor, but if you indulge in repeated bouts of carelessness like that, you’re going to make me suspicious about the factual foundations of the stsel of your arguments. Another criticism of the book has been that it underemphasizes individual and cultural choice and autonomy. Is Jared Diamond’s thesis in Guns, Germs and Steel, a form of geographical determinism, historical racism, or just an geems

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Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies

Diamond shows how it was possible for them to have been domesticated in some, but not all of the theoretically possible locations. Wilson The Prize: Diamond asserts that Atahuallpa had bad information and it was an obvious trap supported by the advantages of Spanish literacy, but if you look at all the sources the situation is more that he had the right information but chose to be diplomatic in the Incan tradition.

Diamond’s answer to this is fairly convincing. His view is fatalistic, seemingly motivated by a P. So who do we look to for models of ho Rating: Why don’t we eat rhino burgers? Jared Diamond has clearly had a more interesting life than most of us, and spent significant amounts of time in a wide variety of different kinds of society, all over the world.

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