Minister of Family Affairs and Youth — For example, whether any type of guidance regarding plagiarism and other forms of research misconduct has been traditionally offered by German universities and whether there is any formal instruction on responsible research conduct mandated like there is in, for example, North American universities. Stanford dismisses accusations against von der Leyen The prestigious California university has denied allegations that the German politician misused the institution’s name on her CV. The latter type should be written by people aspiring to enter academic careers and showcase the ability to contribute significantly to academic debates. Share Twitter Facebook LinkedIn.

There are simply too many PhDs that are written as a qualification alone. And there are so many more that have not been documented, because no one felt like documenting them yet. Is there a strange entry that one could google to find a source? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: And top designers usually don’t have a problem when others use their works to stimulate their own creativity. The number of citations will not make a dissertation more valuable. She later expressed regret for having cited an inaccurate study.

The news media later reported that Wulff’s nomination came as a blow to Merkel, whose choice of Leyen had been blocked by the two parties’ more conservative state premiers. Christopher Baumthe president of the university [ clarification needed ]said: And yes, I am not suggesting that plagiarism is or should be a non-issue. And why care about plagiarism when nobody actually reads those dissertations to begin with? German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen wants the Bundeswehr’s military chaplaincy to include rabbis and imams.

Ursula von der Leyen is a descendant of Baron Ludwig Knoopa cotton merchant from Bremen and one of the most successful entrepreneurs of the 19th century Russian Empire.


Google Books is another good place to look, if the snippets look promising, then a book can be ordered from the library. On the deteriorating relationship between Europe and Russia during the Crimean crisisshe argued that “the reliance on a functioning business relationship with Europe is much, much bigger in Russia” and that sanctions should prod the oligarchs and Russian business.

In several countries, including Germany and Austria, doctoral degrees are almost a necessity not only for entering academia but as stepping ovn for professional careers as well. There is a simple tool that compares two texts and marks all of the text parallels.

Ursula von der Leyen

She is married to Heiko von der Leyena professor of medicine, the CEO of a medical engineering company and a member of the von der Leyen familyan aristocratic family noted as silk industrialists. There should be far more many lejen and guidelines on plagiarism issue and also some plagiarism detection tools provided, like plagiarism checkers for example, Noplag.

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von der leyen dissertation 2016

A Perspective on Academic Plagiarism Springer: Hi Ciaran, have a look at the documented plagiarisms. Born and raised in Brusselsshe is a physician by profession.

Why plagiarism is such a problem for German PhDs: Q&A with Debora Weber-Wulff – Retraction Watch

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von der leyen dissertation 2016

Ursula von der Leyen joined the CDU inand became active in politics inentering local politics in in the area of Hanover. But there are still several potential issues.


German Defence Minister Von der Leyen cleared of plagiarism

Accessed on November 22, If you have a look at the plagiarized theses they are almost always quite boring and do little to advance science. They are not perfect, but at least they can found matches with other publication and calculate similarity index for the papers and make student pay attention to the problem, or prevent even unintentional plagiarism. And clearly, a more thorough engagement with the literature is needed here.

This page was last edited on 14 Aprilleyeh Von der Leyen also lobbied for lowering the barriers to immigration for some foreign workers, in order to fight shortages of skilled workers in Germany.

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Germany’s defense minister, Ursula von der Leyen, is the latest in a long line of politicians forced to ddissertation off charges of academic plagiarism.

COM in 30 languages. Can you briefly describe your method? In addition, she noted, Russia has an almost infinite supply of weapons it could send into Ukraine.

von der leyen dissertation 2016

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