The investigation will determine why the horrific abuse she suffered was never tackled despite repeated contact with social services, the NHS and the police. Kouao herself was called to the inquiry, becoming the first convicted murderer to appear in person in a public inquiry. By now witnesses had been called, of whom were to take the stand. Despite the season, Victoria was dressed in heavy clothing that covered all of her body apart from her head and hands. Haringey council social worker Lisa Arthurworrey and child protection officer PC Karen Jones later cancelled their August 4 home visit when they heard Victoria had scabies. In effect there would be three simultaneous inquiries, producing a single report in spring to the health secretary and the home secretary.

Giving evidence to the inquiry on Monday October 1, Dr Carey said these injuries amounted to the worst case of child abuse he had ever dealt with or heard of. In the beginning, Kouao seemed prepared to honour her promise to make sure Victoria received a proper education. She was the head of the family at the time. No visits should be undertaken without the social worker concerned checking the information known about the child by other child protection agencies. All visits must be written up on the case file. Abobo , Ivory Coast.

This is a matter that the Government must address.

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Join our community on FaceyB! Bad practice can be expensive. It states that only it and The Independent of the national newspapers gave significant coverage to the evidence in the hearings.

Victoria was tortured to death by that great-aunt, Marie Therese Kouao, and the woman’s boyfriend Carl Manning. She informed them that she wanted to take a child back to France with her and arrange for ztudy education; this sort of informal fosterage is common in the family’s society.

victoria climbie case study summary

These included failing to write a discharge letter and delegating the social services referral letter to a locum senior house officer viftoria stated there were no child protection concerns about the eight-year-old’s case.


Documents given to the inquiry may also have been altered: She said that Victoria’s investigation was downgraded due to the diagnosis provided by consultant paediatrician Dr Ruby Schwartz, who decided that the girl’s injuries were the result of scabies rather than abuse. Carole Baptiste This former Haringey social work manager was Lisa Arthurworrey’s original supervisor.

Assumptions that people of the same colour, but from different backgrounds, behave in similar ways can distort judgments. The social worker, who told the inquiry she has suffered summaty depression since Victoria’s death, claims she has been the victim of a witch hunt, and was poorly supervised and advised by her seniors.

They are also involved in championing many child protection reforms.

victoria climbie case study summary

Victoria was not hidden away. It caae a multi-disciplinary task. No visits should be undertaken without the social worker concerned checking the information known about the child by other child protection agencies.

victoria climbie case study summary

The chief executive of Brent council said its social services department studg “seriously defective”. The first thing Ms Ackah noticed about Victoria was that she was wearing a wig.

He had to be taken to hospital after a woman threw a pot of ink over climbbie head while he gave evidence on Thursday January I am solely responsible victpria the content of the Report and any weaknesses it may have. July 15 A cut and bruised Victoria was seen by consultant paediatrician and child protection doctor, Ruby Schwartz, at Central Middlesex hospital. It lasted until their arrest just over eight months later.

Kouao was somebody they knew well. The child protection team’s investigation of Victoria’s case, which allowed her to be returned to Kouao and Manning, was criticised as “blindingly incompetent”. If the call cannot be put through immediately, further details from the referrer must be sought including their name, address and contact number. Ms Arthurworrey believed Kouao put the child up to it in order climbue get housing.


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She could take the beatings and pain like anything. The Home Office pathologist who later examined her corpse described the case as “the worst case of child abuse” he had ever seen. She speculated to her supervisor, Carole Baptiste, that they had returned to France. She told the inquiry on Wednesday January 30 that her child protection staff were not overworked.

She gave the impression of being frightened of them. The next day, Victoria casr Kouao returned to north Tottenham to withdraw the allegations of sexual harm.

Murder of Victoria ClimbiƩ

Up to her death, the policethe social services department of four local authoritiesthe National Health Servicethe National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children NSPCCand local churches all had contact with her, and noted the signs of abuse. Links to more UK stories In This Section No rush to war, says Blair 10, chased for congestion fine Omagh detectives make arrest Beckham forgives Ferguson Waiter jailed for underage sex Britons ‘baffled over euro rate’ Sleepy drivers who kill face jail Man charged after boy stabbed Climbdown on care home rules Ex-Gurkhas take MoD to court Foster anger over Cheriegate film Fame or misfortune beckons for weblogs?

The father of the child in the case said of Laming’s appointment, “I don’t see how he has the qualifications or experience to be able to lead an investigation into another borough which has been failing to protect a child in exactly the same manner that his own authority failed to protect a child in “.

Special arrangements will have to be made in London, to take account of the fact there are 33 London authorities.