On March 12th, he made another announcement: In March Luis lamented over: So that was that I checked the deadline for this project: How is it fair to all the people who supported you and, willingly or unwillingly, already gave you so much time to fulfil your end of the deal???

People tried to reach Luis on e-mail, on Facebook and on vfxlearning. Harry Potter Effects Part 2 3: People started asking questions again, but ALL the negative comments or questions related to the case studies were deleted on sight. On November 25th, , in a last effort to do something about it, I wrote to indiegogo support, letting them know about the situation. But joy didn’t last for long.

Thank you so much for this course!

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I expect an apology, Luis I obviously don’t expect a refund, just to get it out of the way. Please post more of vfx learnings tutorials. Just glancing at the Luis Pages’ instructor movie credits I instantly knew he was for real, so I was foaming at the corners of my mouth with excitement over getting this HUGE opportunity to learn stuff from a top industry professional. In between trips I return to my home studio and have prepared the first set of images and even managed to get the first round of posters printed and ready to ship.

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We will offer this sessions both in English and Spanish. I guess due to the several power outages in the last few days cass to the protests in my country particularly in the city of Valencia where I live My computer started to shut itself down as soon as I hit the Play button in Maya. I checked the deadline for this cawe That was not good news and I said to myself it would be a while until Luis casr to finish the courses, but by all means, that was fine!


All traces of the existence of an course campaing were simply erased. So after trying themselves to reach Luis 3 times, knowing he did not respond to any of my messages and knowing he banned me from his page, indiegogo’s final solution is telling me to get in touch with him.

I just hoped he would be OK.

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Harry Potter Effects Part 1 2: People then started leaving bad page reviews. That is unacceptable, especially for someone of Luis’ status. All is going according to my plan and schedule and now I feel confident and ready to share this project with the world hoping ffxlearning will appreciate the hard work as well as the time and money investment that an endeavor like this implies.

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Or that he respected us. As late as November people were still asking when they would see the rest of the courses, so I know I am not the only one who has not yet forgotten about what you did.

Wrath vfxlearnin Titans Effects 7: Harry Potter Effects Part 2 3: And I’ve reached the end On February 21st, Luis announced that due to the situation in Venezuela street protests, power outages, government caps on internet bandwidthhe was unable to upload new material.

No explanation or anything.

If I vxlearning trust a guy with 15 years’ experience who has worked on some of the biggest movies of all time, then who can I trust? On November 25th,in a last effort to do something about it, I wrote to indiegogo support, letting them know about the situation. Your email address will not be published.


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Maya, RealFlow and PulldownIt In this new series called VFX Learning Case Studies we will explore some of the most iconic effects and simulations of popular blockbuster films, we will analyse the techniques needed to create such elements and combine all the tools and knowledge at our disposal using Maya, RealFlow and PulldownIt to achieve them.

Instead, he vfxlerning appealed to our understanding during whatever difficult times he was going through, then started to gag us wherever he had admin privileges, banned us from his page, took down the VFXLearning forums, deleted our reviews, modified older pages to hide the initial dealignored all our messages of course I wasn’t the only one trying to reach him and still had the nerve to act like nothing happened: The Intro I am just a random dude and my name is George.

Instead, he constantly tried to hide everything under the carpet Unsurprisingly, reviews were removed altogether. When is safe for people to leave their homes and businesses open their cfxlearning I will take my computer to repair and finish the courses.

That is my sole motif. Why taking such a huge piss on everybody, even after your problems are over? I checked all that and it vfdlearning like is the actual board which has the problem.