Junior Library New Arrivals May, A more formal valuation takes place at the end of each month when the students are graded on their performance in all subjects, academic and non-academic all through the month. The children who did well: Read the passage given and answer the questions: Competing only in selected sports helps children to concentrate and excel in their specialized sport. Vasant Kunj C — 9. Senior School Home Assignments August

In the evening there are competitions, entertainment programs by the students. Senior Library New Arrivals May, Why do you think the maliks were able to use the power of the state to advance their own interests? The boys from Nursery to class 10 wear shorts, shirts and a maroon belt. Children must wear black, rubber soled, shoes of running material that allows air circulation to keep the feet dry through the school day. Hippo Owns Up by Sue Graves 2. Vasant Valley School exposes the students to a host of sports but students specialise and compete in only a select few.

The Snorgh and the Sailor by Will Buckingham 2. The Lotus Valley International School campus is strategically designed to provide an ideal and secure environment for its students.

vasant valley senior school homework

Aerated drinks, juices and packaged instant foods may not be brought in. When do I need to check my child’s diary? In vzsant Senior School too, computers are used as a means for integrating various disciplines, such as art, science and social sciences. Thus the students learn a subject through different techniques: School Foundation Day Celebrations. These children must be picked up by 3: The entire process will take about two hours, so please plan accordingly The admission test for class 11 was conducted on Monday, 20th May, at After her MBA degree she worked with a mulinational for to years and got three promotion because of ehr efficinecy and dedication.


The daily private study hour helps the children develop self-study skills ,very little homework is given in our schoool. What are the School Timings?

Interactives-Senior School Homework

Class 3 onwards, the children are inculcated in the more formal team sports like soccer, basketball and cricket. The day at Vasant Valley is long casant it starts at 7: Instead this time is set aside for programmes that will prepare students for the outside world by building their awareness about hommework issues.

These trips help at two levels. Fridays are Hobby days for all children from the 3 rd to the 10 th standard.

In the senior school, the curriculum emphasises the teaching of a subject that is not merely the course work for each subject as is laid down by the C. Thus, political factors decissively contributed to widening the gulf between the dominant class and the underclass. Therefore the performing and theatre arts drama, dance and Indian and western music and the visual arts painting, sketching, design, sculpture are an important part of the curriculum.

In keeping with the schools philosophy and its belief in the multiple hlmework theory, the learning areas apart from the five broad based academic areas are given a lot of weightage.


vasant valley senior school homework

The children who did well are: Class Activity Period and Exhibitions Are the forums for displaying what has been learnt in these subjects. The school constantly remains at the cutting edge of technology both in terms of the latest pedagogical methods and also in the use of computers and information technology for teaching.

In the evening there are competitions, entertainment programs by the students. Promotion criteria for all classes are based on continuous evaluation of all subjects including Arts and Physical Education. What is the Daily Schedule?

vasant valley school homework

They teach the children basic survival skills amidst a lot of fun and they also lead to a greater degree of bonding between the children and the staff.

During Private Study students reinforce: My Child Portfolio Form.

vasant valley senior school homework

Vasant Kunj C — 9. Together by Jane Simmons 1. January to mid-May Term 2: Other steps taken towards examination preparation are: Samuhik Kahani Lekhan Pratiyogita for class 10 16th May, The school has tie ups with professional sports organisations to run Sports Clinics.