It is in your interest to check out potential supervisors from a few different areas. To be eligible for admission to the Honors Specialization in Psychology program- BA, students must complete 5. Make sure that your instructors notice you in a good way. Following completion of this course, students will be able to: There is a Mathematics prerequisite for both the Psychology Major module and for the Honours Specialization modules in Psychology.

Students will be evaluated on their other written assignments and oral presentations throughout the year by the course committee members and other faculty involved in the scheduled meetings. The syllabus, in turn, must be approved by the instructor of the UWO course. If you are a 3rd year DCN student you need to contact the head of the DCN program during your 3rd year to discuss plans for your honors thesis project and supervision. Ask questions, even if your interest in the material is not great. Research courses above 1. You should list both the person you want to work with and the co-supervisor on the Supervisor Preference Form.

All faculty members will participate in evaluation of student performance at a poster session at the end of the second term, where students will present the results of their projects.

Psychology Honors Thesis Poster Session – Western University

You must list at least 6 potential supervisors that you would be willing to be supervised by. It is the student’s responsibility, and not the Department’s responsibility, to gather the required material.

After consultation with faculty members, students will select their top 4 choices for thseis supervisors. If you are applying to get in to one our Honours Specialization programs you should apply to the Thesis Course.


Honors Thesis – Course Information Psychology 4850, 4851, 4852

Even if you never envision yourself in a research career, many graduate training programs in the helping professions include a major research component, and graduate applicants are expected to demonstrate research proficiency. Enrollment limited to students in Honours Specialization in Physiology and Psychology program.

Some research areas are much more popular than others, however. Frequently Asked Questions Q: Students enrolled in Psych E must be conducting psychology research in cognition, sensation and perception, behavioral or cognitive neuroscience, or developmental cognitive neuroscience, and be supervised by psychology faculty members conducting research that would fall under the NSERC mandate.

Note that this does not guarantee that you are eligible to take the thesis course.

The Admissions Office will review your transcripts to determine your eligibility for advanced standing. Physiology and y or the former Physiology ; Physiology a.

Honors Thesis

Students are often unsure about how to address their professors in writing or conversation. You are about to begin a life-changing experience that will provide foundational skills in the psychology and prepare you for the next leg of your career development.

uwo psychology honours thesis

Research Participation Pool Accessibility. The Honours Thesis is a culminating experience for many students. Timetables should be set-up appropriately with Faculty Supervisors.

uwo psychology honours thesis

It is expected that students will spend at least one full day in the laboratory each tnesis, but generally an additional day or half-day will be required. This means that not everyone who applies psychhology be admitted, even if the minimum requirements are met. X; Hi Prof X. Details of the evaluation are outlined below: To provide a thorough grounding in the principles of Psychology for students who may wish to pursue graduate training in Psychology and for students who prefer a more research-intensive approach to the study of Psychology than is provided under either the Major or Minor programs in Psychology.


Honors Thesis – Physiology and Pharmacology – Western University

Thus, even if methods and statistics honourz are not your favorites, they are among the most important courses you will take at Western, and you should make every psycholoby to learn and retain the information. There are numerous benefits to early participation as a volunteer under the supervision of a faculty member in the Psychology Department, especially if you think you might wish to pursue graduate training in Psychology.

Electives or Other Module You are responsible for the accuracy and completeness of your program. All other students must register for Psychology E including HBSc students supervised by psychology faculty members who are conducting research that does not fall under the NSERC mandate, e.

uwo psychology honours thesis

Your advanced standing will appear on your Admission Assessment Form. Full Time and Cross Appointed faculty can supervise thesis students. You should contact and consider working with multiple supervisors. Following completion of this course, students will be able to: To ensure that you establish relationships with your professors that will work to your future advantage, we yonours the following behavior in class: Take notes by hand rather than on a laptop.

Time management is one of the greatest challenges of university life. Honourz will be given to students as soon as possible after presentations.