Return to global menu. It is recommended that you check with your potential publisher regarding their regulations on prior publication of the work. In that case, you must submit a new application through MyPage, including a full application fee. Return to primary navigation. Return to global menu.

To complete your program by the end of the current term Submit everything to GARO by the last day of the last month of the term: There are a number of workshops to help you with your thesis preparation, writing and management. Two Arm’s Length Status Forms one form per supervisor must be submitted if you have two co-supervisors. You will receive an email that lists any required changes or confirms that the format has been approved. Sign in to online tools Sign out UVic Search. Senate awards degrees based on the convocation list in May and October of each year. All students MUST complete this step to be considered for graduation.

Sign and submit the completed request for oral examination form to the Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies. Most graduate students will write and defend a thesis or dissertation as a requirement of their graduate degree. An application fee is assessed and is payable immediately, by credit card only.

Guidelines for oral examinations – University of Victoria

To complete your program by the end of the current term. Information will be sent from your department to GARO. Workshops and support There are a number of workshops to help you with your thesis preparation, writing and management. GARO will complete two full evaluations of your record to confirm that you have met all program requirements.


uvic thesis submission

Oral exams must be held in the term in which you plan to complete your program. Sign and submit the completed request for oral examination form together with an updated CV from the External Examiner for approval by the Dean as well as a copy of the Confirmation of Arm’s Length Submisson Form. You must delete the old file before uploading a new file.

You will then be able to submit your thesis. Skip to page content. Return to secondary navigation. Review your program with your supervisor to confirm that your degree requirements will be met by the end of term.

During the ucic of withholding, the thesis or dissertation will not be accessible to anyone, but a brief record of its existence will be available. Return to secondary navigation. Skip to primary navigation.

uvic thesis submission

Complete all corrections as required by your examining and supervisory committees. Once the External Examiner has been selected, no further communication regarding the student or the dissertation should occur between the External Eubmission and the supervisor, committee members, or student prior to the oral defense.

The UVic librarians will archive your thesis in the correct collection. Effective 1 Mayall approved theses and dissertations must be submitted electronically to the submissuon repository, UVicSpace. You will receive an email: For convocation information, see the Ceremonies and Special Events convocation website.

Graduation requirements and deadlines

A GARO clerk will review the format of your thesis, using the same checklist. They will help you to ensure that your gown is correctly pinned and adjusted. Sign thwsis to online tools Sign out UVic Search. If you wish to extend the period for which your thesis is being withheld, complete a new withholding form and submit this to the Faculty of Graduate Studies no less than one month prior to the end of submidsion original withholding period.


Thesis and dissertation

Your thesis or dissertation will be placed in the University of Victoria’s electronic collection, UVicSpace. It is recommended that oral examinations be held as early as possible to allow for revisions to your thesis or dissertation.

If you are entering the last term of your program, you must submit an application thesid graduation. To be eligible, students must be registered in the term in which the defense takes place, and have paid their minimum program fee instalments prior to that term.

Graduation requirements and deadlines – University of Victoria

To complete your program within the first month of submissionn next term and be eligible for the Completion Postponement Fee Adjustment. Contact your graduate secretary if you have questions about your department’s process. Skip to primary navigation. Skip to secondary navigation. Skip to page content.