Return to primary navigation. A letter of permission or equivalent from the home institution is included in the application process. Skip to secondary navigation. Check the deadlines of the host institution. Request for candidacy extension. Submit this request for extension of grade submission deadline in support of your graduate students. Expand details This form must be submitted and all approvals must be obtained well in advance of the start date of the course s you plan to take.

Return to primary navigation. Expand details This form must be submitted and all approvals must be obtained well in advance of the start date of the course s you plan to take. Skip to secondary navigation. Expand details Beginning of the month prior to the start of the award. Formerly the “Leave of Absence with Permission” form. Skip to global menu. Whether you’re a prospective or current student, graduate adviser or secretary, download the latest form and check dates and deadlines.

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uvic thesis approval form

You must complete this form after reviewing the FGS Calendar regulations regarding the implications on your program time limit apprlval requesting any extensions. Grades for transferred courses will not be used in determining sessional or cumulative grade point averages. Graduate Students who have withdrawn from a UVic program and would now like to return to the same program, or who are requesting to transfer from one UVic program to another, are required to submit the Course Retention Form for Returning or Transferring Students.


To order this letter fom, sign into UVic’s Mypage; choose the student services tab; choose the online request forms tab; then select “GR Study Permit Information Letter. Letter of permission form.

Final submission – University of Victoria

An agreement was established as an expression of cooperation and mutual support among universities offering graduate programs in western Canada. Membership in the faculty is required in order to supervise graduate students, serve on graduate student supervisory committees, and teach graduate courses.

uvic thesis approval form

It is possible to have a unique proposal approved by special arrangement SPARR to uvid research in an area that is not formally approved as a graduate degree program by the University of Victoria Senate. Individual departments may have earlier deadlines; review program specific deadlines or contact the relevant department directly.

Are you are a UVic student wishing to take advantage of this agreement? You can also search by keyword. Expand details Reports are due August 31 each year. The second type of name change is a preferred name change. Currently registered graduate students should use this form to apply for the Thesis Boot Camp. Skip to global menu. Return to page content. The deadlines for fee refunds differ from the deadlines for dropping without academic penalty.

Fform of Enrolment formerly Confirmation of Registration. If you were previously registered as a graduate student, apply online for: Skip uviv primary navigation. It is important to verify that the name we have on file is correct for these official documents.


Final submission

Sign in to online tools Sign out UVic Search. Application form for Western Dean’s Agreement. Skip to page content. Request for thesos extension. Students registered at another university who come to UVic to do research under the supervision of a UVic faculty member are visiting research students.

Co-operative education work term registration form for graduate studies.

Course in progress form. UVic graduate students will be responsible for obtaining admission at the host institution. Priority is given to first time recipients.

Students must be registered as a graduate student at the University of Victoria prior to a transfer credit review by Graduate Admissions and Records. When you have successfully defended your thesis or dissertation, and you have made all corrections required by your examining committee, your supervisor will confirm that your work is ready for submission to UVicSpace.

uvic thesis approval form

Skip to primary navigation. To submit a request after taking the course: Return to page content. If this form is not received and approved in time, you may not receive permission to take the course s.