Coursework exceeding these time limits is lost and can be reinstated only by special permission of the Dean of the Graduate School upon the recommendation of the committee on graduate studies. Every master’s degree program is based on the assumption that the student participating in it already possesses a general college education through the baccalaureate level. The dean will need to endorse the recommendation and forward it to the Registrar. Dissertations are regarded as publications and will be made public once they are approved and submitted to the Graduate School, unless the author formally requests otherwise. At the conclusion of the probationary period, the graduate studies committee will assess progress made and recommend continuation or dismissal from the program.

August 15, for all students who complete degree requirements after June 30 and prior to August Non-thesis students must be enrolled during the semester of graduation. Students who wish to graduate must complete the application process and pay the fee described below: All members of the supervising committee must be members of the Graduate Faculty. The program’s graduate studies committee will provide all students with annual, written evaluations and feedback on milestones that should have been met. Thesis students must be enrolled in thesis during the semester the thesis is defended and completed and during the semester of graduation.

Filing of a departmental graduate advisor- and college dean-approved Application for Graduate Degree with the Graduate School.

Individual departments can elect to drop a student after a first or second failure of ugep examination, upon the recommendation of the examining committee; however, under no circumstances will a student be permitted to take the examination more than three 3 times. If a student has not completed thesis work at the end of two years after the subject has been approved and recorded, the supervisor can require the student to choose another subject.

A hard copy of the signature page with original signatures of the members of the dissertation committee must also be submitted to the Graduate School. There is no summer commencement, nor are there commencement ceremonies for students whose degrees are conferred in February, June, or October.


Thesis Requirements The candidate must be accepted into a graduate program prior to pursuing the thesis. Non-thesis students must be enrolled during the semester of graduation.

For further information, individuals should contact the appropriate dean’s office and the Graduate Gkidelines at Graduate students enrolled in on-line programs offered through UTEP Connect take courses in 7 week terms tesis the year. Approximately two months following the end of each long semester December and May and at the end of ytep long summer session Augustthe university awards a diploma to each student upon whom a degree is conferred provided a graduation application has been filed.

Degrees are conferred approximately two months following the end of each long semester December and May and at the end of the long summer session August. The signature page must be included in the PDF file, but it should not be signed.

utep thesis guidelines

One member of the committee must be from outside the major area of study or from another department. A language other than English may be proposed to write and defend a dissertation, provided that criteria ensuring the integrity of scholarship are met and the process is properly documented.

Students continuously enrolled on a full-time basis the immediate preceding fall and spring semesters are not required to enroll during the summer term if degree applicable course offerings are not available during the summer term.

Students who wish to utdp must complete the application process and pay the fee described below:. Non-dissertation students seeking full time classification must submit a final degree plan and if applicable, apply for graduation. Minimum Graduate School requirements consist of three members; two from the major program of study and one from outside the major thsis of study. Accordingly, the first prerequisite for the entering student is a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution.

Thesis utep?

Non-Dissertation Professional doctoral programs may require the completion of an internship thfsis professional report or formal papers in lieu of a dissertation. Completion of all required course work as listed on the approved final degree plan. The non-thesis should be comparable to a thesis in every respect except for the evidence of original research. Some programs require internship reports, professional reports or formal papers prepared in certain graduate seminar or conference-type courses in lieu of a thesis.


The process of research protocol must be conducted in English and will not be affected by this exception.

utep thesis guidelines

General and specific requirements for degrees in the Graduate School may be altered in successive catalogs. Diploma The name appears on the diploma as it appears on the official university record. Students are responsible for adhering to the policies and procedures of their departments. Students who are appointed during the summer must be enrolled.

The name appears on the diploma thsis it appears on the official university record.

General Degree Requirements < University of Texas at El Paso

Thereafter, the student must register for thesis II,during each semester or term in which work on the thesis is conducted. Upon approval by the dissertation chair, the student will secure signatures from the Graudate Advisor and Graduate School Dean. Students whose degrees are conferred in February are invited to participate in the May commencement ceremony.

Dissertation Requirements A doctoral candidate must be accepted into a doctoral program prior to pursuing the dissertation. Every proposed program of study needs the approval of the Graduate School. Undergraduate courses that are not approved for graduate credit cannot be used to satisfy graduate degree requirements. Maymester and Wintermester Full-time 3 or more hours per term Maymester and Wintermester Part-time 2 or less hours Maymester and Wintermester Maximum course load is 6 hours.

utep thesis guidelines