Invitations for the guests are sent later, so remember to include the address to which the invitations will be sent in the email. Resident Alien applicants who have attempted or completed some or all of their coursework at an institution located outside of the United States. Texas residents may seek to enter undergraduate programs at U. Graduation in the spring term The first date for certificate issue in January is Wednesday 30 January The graduation ceremony is optional, and no diplomas are handed to the graduates during the ceremony. International applicants residing outside of the United States at the time of application are not admitted on a provisional basis. The supervising committee conducts the final thesis examination for thesis degree plan candidates and determines scope, content and form of the final master’s comprehensive examination for thesis substitute and non-thesis degree plan candidates.

All applications for must be submitted via NettiOpsu by 26 December Funded Students Funded students are normally expected to be enrolled as full time students while holding an assistantship or associateship. To participate in the ceremony, please enroll online by 2 December. Students wishing to change from one program to a dual degree program must complete the “Change of Program or Degree Level” form online. The University of Texas at Arlington S.

While admission related information received from the graduate program to which an individual has applied may be important and useful, such information does not constitute official notice of admission into a graduate program at The University of Texas at Arlington.

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The committee is responsible for design and direction of the student’s program. The thesis must be approved unanimously by the student’s thesis supervising committee and by the Academic Dean. In practice, this grade-point average is based on deadlinne the last 60 semester hours or the equivalent in quarter hours 90 quarter hours shown on an applicant’s bachelor’s degree transcript. The English proficiency requirement will be waived for non-native speakers of English who possess a bachelor’s degree from an accredited U.

All applications for must be submitted via NettiOpsu by 26 December This rule does not invalidate agreements that are stated elsewhere in this catalog. Skip to main content. A student returning from an Approved Leave of Absence as scheduled will be automatically readmitted and will not be required to submit an application or pay an application fee.


The comprehensive examination usually marks the end of formal coursework and the beginning of concentrated work on dissertation research and preparation. Dissertatikn other waivers of the score requirements must be recommended by the applicant’s Graduate Advisor and approved by the college or school dean. Graduation in dissertatuon The final certificates of the spring semester will be granted on 19 December After the dissertation has been through the required mechanical check process and has been approved by the student’s committee and the Library, the final copy of the dissertation must be submitted via the University’s electronic submission process.

Provisional Admission An applicant unable to supply deadllne required documentation prior to the admission deadline but whom otherwise appears to meet admission requirements may be granted provisional admission upon recommendation of the appropriate graduate advisor and Committee on Graduate Studies. Transfer credit will be accepted only for organized courses in which the student received a letter grade of B or higher and an official transcript showing the course s and grade s is required.

Questioning of the candidate will be directed by the student’s dissertation supervising committee.

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For applicants completing work in U. Please note that changes in University regulations tua policies become effective for all enrolled students in the year for which the catalog is in effect, regardless of the year of initial enrollment.

uta dissertation deadline

The graduation ceremony is optional, and no diplomas are handed to the graduates during the ceremony. The initial admission decision does not automatically apply when an applicant requests these types of changes to their application.

Any external, non-voting members in addition to the required number of voting members of the committee must be approved by the Office desdline Graduate Studies.

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No course that has been applied to any degree, at any deadlinne or undergraduate institution, may be applied to any other degree, either directly or by substitution except in approved dual degree or approved fast track programs. Further enrollment as a special non-degree seeking student must be approved on a semester-by-semester basis.

In no case will final semester Dissertation course 6×99 or requirements be waived. Its scope, content, and form are determined by the student’s examining committee with approval of the appropriate Committee on Graduate Studies. An applicant for readmission who has enrolled at other institutions during their absence from UT Arlington including those in UT Arlington concurrent enrollment must submit official transcripts showing such coursework to Graduate Admissions.


Submit one set of transcripts.

uta dissertation deadline

The dissertation represents the culmination of the student’s academic efforts and so is expected to demonstrate original and independent research activity and be a significant contribution to knowledge. In addition to the application form applicants must submit dissfrtation official transcript of previous college work showing evidence of an undergraduate degree and, if applicable, a graduate degree.

The internship substitute requires a minimum of six semester hours in the internship course.

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The method of assessing the student’s potential will be determined by the appropriate Committee on Graduate Studies and may be in the form of a written or oral examination, personal interviews with faculty members, successful completion of certain courses in the first semester of residence, or kta any combination of these methods. The format of all dissertations must be reviewed and approved by the Library before the theses will be accepted as satisfying the dissertation requirement of the Ph.

Students should consult with their program’s diwsertation advisor to make sure their committees have sufficient membership to meet program requirements.

Results of the diagnostic evaluation may be 1 approval to continue in the doctoral program; 2 approval to continue with specified remedial work; 3 failure, but with permission for assessment through a second diagnostic evaluation after a specified period; or 4 failure and termination in the program. All completed course units and uya grades to be included in the degree must be in dead,ine register.

A student who fails to receive credit earns a grade of D or F may repeat the course in order to obtain credit, in which case the grades for both attempts will count in computing the student’s overall grade-point average. Applicants who have not received an admission notification one week prior to the beginning of classes for the semester for which admission is sought should contact the Graduate Admissions Didsertation for information concerning the status of their application.