High death rate and lower life expectancy, especially in economically active population Falling birth rate due to abstinence fear of becoming infected , so people have less children Decreased labour pool reduces agricultural and industrial output, causing food shortages and poverty, thus preventing economic growth Solutions: I hope this explanation was clear and useful to you. How to read humidity. Specifically, the growing timber market meant that more trees had to be felled to provide sufficient raw material for the industry. I am a teacher and i would love to use these case studies in my class while teaching the topic Population Like Like. This, coupled with the expansion of palm oil plantations, has had damaging effects on the natural enviroment.

August 23, at 9: Specifically, Borneo has been developing economically through the growth of the coal mining industry, which provides employment opportunities, as well as the export of timber for furniture and paper production. Besides, a ferry from Male every 10 minutes pollutes the seas, threatening the corals. Therefore plants can not take up water from th soil, as the soil has greater concentrations of solute than the roots. Location Factors – Hi-Tech Industry. For example, lizards loose their natural habitat.

Additionally, soil quality declined, not only due to the logging of trees which disrupted the soil nutrient cycle but also as a side effect of coal mining, as this involved the removal of the fertile topsoil layer.

Urban Sprawl – Causes and effects table in GCSE Geography

September 12, at 3: Subsistence farming in Lesotho Lesotho is a landlocked country that borders South Africa. Katrina was created from the interaction of the remains of a tropical ruban SE of the Bahamas with a storm wave. Precipitation at the northern rim of the Alps exceeded mm over four days.


However, the required network capacities for transmitting the power generated in the North Sea to the large industrial consumers in southern Germany have not yet been constructed. Botswana Botswana is a landlocked country, north of South Africa. The governments of Germany, Austria and the Czech Republik are investigating into longterm measures to reduce the aftermath of future floods.

Katrina intensified before making sprawll in Florida and was a Hurricane 3 upon reaching the Mississippi Delta.

August 18, at September 7, at 3: In other words, they try to avoid adding Co2 to the atmosphere, as carbon dioxide is considered to be responsible for global warming. Features of a drainage basin.

Westerly onshore winds picked up dry sand from the wide beach at the estuary of the Dovey Dyfi river. Also, overfishing destroys food chains and disbalances the symbiotic relationships. Furthermore, the earthquake had a shallow focus, resulting in severe ground shaking, and the epicentre was located close to the densely populated capital.

Deforestation also exposes the soil as trees cannot trap it so soil erosion is likely to occur.

Case study: Urban Sprawl – London

Besides, Ccase is perceived as a country that protects and promotes human rights, offering food, shelter and language courses to refugees. It is located near Cambridge in the United Kindom, as Cambridge University provides a large supply of expert labour and allows for the sharing of technology. This site uses cookies.


urban sprawl case study igcse

These services may then have to close eg. By Giorgio Montersino on Flickr Licence: Why people live near volcanoes. Please let me know if you have any further questions. The Maldivian Government has built a 3m high vase wall that surrounds the island of Male, to protect it from flooding and preserve its beaches.

urban sprawl case study igcse

Canada is sparsely populated due to the following reasons: Problems of underpopulation in Canada: Feeding Shearing to obtain wool Milking.

This may be more expensive than building on greenfield sites as there must be clearing and decontamination, however in the long term it’s more sustainable. These have spiky leaves to reduce rates of evapotranspiration.

urban sprawl case study igcse

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Urban Sprawl

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. I am a teacher and i would love to use these case studies in my class while teaching the topic Population Like Like. This rupture triggered massive waves that reached an altitude of up to 30m.