Each examination may be taken no more than three times. Placement examinations Following the graduate placement examinations administered during orientation week , the student will be counseled by the major professor or major area designate. Research included should represent a variety of bibliographic formats, including but not limited to: Degrees, Certificates, Teacher Certifications. Some of the most significant are:. As faculty members in the College of Music, one of our major responsibilities is the mentoring of graduate students.

Please consult the area handbook. The advisory committee is responsible for administering the final comprehensive exam in the case of MM students and the qualifying exams in the case of DMA students. Take the Graduate Placement Examinations for doctoral students given by the College of Music courses assigned as the result of the GPE must be completed within one calendar year. See area handbooks for additional requirements. Courses taken to fulfill the requirement need not be limited to one area of study.

Students must disseertation a public collaborative recital as a final project. Lecturers and adjuncts are eligible for associate membership only, which allows them to serve as related-field professor or as a committee member.

See Guidelines for Interviewing for more information on interviewing human subjects. Following the graduate placement examinations administered during orientation weekthe student will be counseled by the major professor or major area designate.

unt dma dissertation

The Classic Guide to Writing Nonfiction. Substitutions 3 hours of the MUTH requirement may be substituted by the following.

unt dma dissertation

Archived Catalogs to The title page should follow the correct form for documents submitted to the University of North Texas see dissertation below in 7. The purpose is usually posed as a problem to be solved, an issue to be resolved, a question to be answered, or an anomaly to be explained.


Each student is required to pass written examinations in his or her major field 6 hours and chosen related field 3 hours.

Students applying for the DMA in performance or jazz studies may satisfy the GRE requirement with an on-campus writing examination. Open only to those with a major in conducting or composition. Collaborative piano cannot be a related field for this specialization. Dissertation, 12 hours The written documentation should be at a level acceptable for juried publication.

Following successful completion of the written qualifying examinations, the student is required to pass a two-hour oral examination that includes questioning on the research project and on all other areas appropriate to the degree.

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Placement examinations Following the graduate placement examinations administered during orientation week dissertatiion, the student will be counseled by the major professor or major area designate.

Los Angeles County, CA. This section must establish the context within which the current project fits, define the topic of the project, and make a strong case for the importance of the topic.

Restrictions, either in the conduct of dissertation [and thesis] research untt in the sharing of its results, are antithetical to that spirit.

unt dma dissertation

The purpose of this section in both the doctoral document and the Topic Proposal is to identify the salient available literature on a given subject and to appraise that literature in order to justify the need for the current study. University of Chicago Press, The Advisory Committee administers this combined oral examination.


Conducting Pursuing a related field in conducting requires that the candidate apply to and be accepted by one of three areas: Attendance at all area departmental recitals is required. Choose one of the following: In so doing, it provides a brief guide to relevant terminology and procedures, which may differ in ways large and small from those of other institutions.

This page contains pdf documents. The Doctor of Musical Arts degree is offered with a major in performance including conducting and jazz studies with related fields in collaborative piano, composition, conducting, contemporary music, early music, jazz studies, music education, music and medicine, musicology, music theory, opera, performance, sacred music or vocal pedagogy.

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International applicants must apply at international. It focuses on the mentoring of MM and DMA students, who make up the bulk of our graduate student population. The CoM enrolls approximately five hundred and fifty graduate students across its seven degree programs: Do not exceed 15 pages.

General Definition of the DMA Topic Proposal The Graduate Performance Degree Committee is charged with ensuring that all doctoral documents reflect basic standards of musicianship, dussertation relevance, and academic responsibility.

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You need to send an email to graduaterecitals unt. The document will be conceived as a scholarly contribution to the field of performance.

Electives, 2 hours Choose from any field in music or outside of music.