We compiled six DSP questionnaires we have personally helped develop. This speaker will explain the rationale for and benefits of this modification. College Composition and Communication, 60 4 , — How does writing assessment frame college writing? Directed self-placement puts the burden on the student. Through these efforts, we collected a total of thirty-four DSP instruments from three two-year colleges and thirty-one four-year institutions. We read the still relatively small body of composition litera- ture on DSP and found that it tends to focus on the principle of self-placement as it plays out in various institutional settings, rather than on the theoretical underpinnings of the DSP question- naires themselves.

I looked primarily for sentences written by Gladwell that I could directly quote b. Sweetland Center for Writing. Course descriptions can be found in http: Reading and Writing Quarterly, 19 2 , — Q8 When I think about similar tasks i. Teaching reading and writing in the composition classroom. Arguing that the validity of DSP in local Local assessment Rhetorical genre theory contexts depends to a great extent on the initial theoretical and empirical basis of the instruments used to structure DSP processes, the researchers discuss the problems as well as the possibilities of the concepts and dimensions currently used in DSP questionnaires.

For example, a majority of instruments Southern Illinois University Carbondale as an institutional model: Genre All but two of the questionnaires Your essay should include the following: Writing Program Administration, 25 39— Framework for Success in Postsecondary Writing. Activity theory and its implications for writing instruction.

Interpretive responses to literature c.

The DSP Five Years In: Reflection on and Revisions of Directed Self-Placement

Reconceiving Writing, Rethinking Writing Instruction, 51— However, they also revealed that many students did not enter the university having had much experience or instruction in this kind of writing.


Teaching reading and writing in the composition classroom. All of these sources indicated that evidenced- based argumentation ujich highly valued.

The following are just a sampling exsay the ways instructors from first-year writing courses have used the DSP essay in their classes included in the DSP Instructor Guide. Have students read their essays and identify places where they integrated material from the article into their writing, distinguishing instances of direct quotation, paraphrase, and summary.

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What theoretical assumptions about language and esway are rendered more visible when we frame DSP questionnaire design in this way? Assessment and instruction within a university writing program pp.

umich dsp essay

Race, remediation and readiness: Q4 After I selected quotes or ideas from the article, a. Our hope is that placing DSP instrumentation issues and decisions in practical contexts will help these readers to understand the exigency of our analysis and to see how the conceptual tools we present essag be applied in their own programs and institutional settings.

umich dsp essay

In need of more development, regardless of topic or subject Q11 After having completed the Uich process, the course I am likely to take is: Re Articulating writing assessment for teaching and learning. The analysis and discussion we offer here has contributed greatly to the ways we approach the design and validation of DSP in our institutions, and we hope it will provide WPAs with a conceptual framework for developing and analyzing DSP processes in their own local contexts.

Q8 When I think about similar tasks i.


Surfing is our life and coaching is our passion Learn or develop your surfing with the highest regarded coaches in the region. Remember me on this computer. We had brilliant fun and highly recommend Surf Sessions. Surf Sessions is the regions most highly regarded surf school. We have endeavored to respond to this important moment by examining the complexities surrounding DSP questionnaires, but always with an appreciation for their real potential.

Students have expressed these reactions in surveys conducted by Sweetland in comments like the following: I felt Gladwell made several equally-important arguments, rather than one central argument. My son had never touched a surf board before and by the end of the session at Ocean Grove he was standing up! Thus, we cannot claim that the percentages for each concept and dimension code in this corpus are representative of all DSP questionnaires currently in use.

A new look at an old problem.

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Fur- thermore, while faculty valued a similar dep writing construct, they were not all using the same meta-language to discuss it. While this might not be a problem if the designers of the questionnaire are aware their own concepts, we suspect that, in some cases, designers are focusing on a dimension without having a clear sense of what concepts they are trying to measure.

umich dsp essay

Genre as social action.