Students will learn about the intersection of national security and systems security, and will burnish their computer programming and algorithm skills through a series of required classes in these areas. The Admissions staff will then forward the entire application package to the advising office of the College of Science and Engineering The Committee’s address is: Poor career services No hard feelings. The school is home to several sprawling computer labs with Mac and Windows technology, and is one of the few schools to make available Linux-based workstations for students in computer-related degree programs. How is the management information systems at the University of Houston Clear Lake? How is it different from the normal school year?

UT El Paso is home to two Texas firsts: What is the workload like for them? In addition to the core requirements enforced across all degree programs, those pursuing a B. Answered Sep 10, My course does not have any specialization. The degree prepares students for computing careers while it gives them the necessary foundation for life-long learning in the evolving field of professional computing.

Department of Computing Sciences | University of Houston-Clear Lake

For more information visit How to Apply. The program at this level focuses extensively on advanced, yet practical, application of computer programming languages, computer ethics and security concerns, and creation of custom systems for deployment within a single department or organization.

Students will take advanced object-oriented programming classes that go well beyond what they practiced as an undergraduate.

The Admissions staff will then forward the entire application package to the advising office of the Courzework of Science and Engineering. You dismissed this ad.

Computer Information Systems M.S.

Minors Minor in Cybersecurity. Students work in teams on real-world projects to gather valuable practical experience they can use to launch their careers.


The Computer Science B.

Graduate Admission The Computer Science Master of Science program uuhcl on an undergraduate computer science foundation. Doctoral work looks at the origins of modern computer systems, advanced implementations of algorithms to automate business tasks, and high-level security that can help guard corporate and government systems from attack.

Former UHCL Students and non-degree seeking students applying after the deadlines above may be considered for admission on a case-by-case basis. In addition to the core requirements enforced across all degree programs, those pursuing a B. Effective Fall 3.

uhcl cs coursework

So this delays the graduating semester for few students. The Department of Computer Science maintains three strong offerings for those with an interest in computer programming, networking, and information technology.

Students lacking credit in required foundation courses can take Uncl courses to remove any deficiencies. And the problem with this 10 subjects is that these 10 subjects do not focus on one particular area of subject.

Computer Science Degree Programs in Texas (U-Z)

Priority — February 1 Final — April The program requires students to choose between an internship in the field, a graduate teaching assistantship, or guided research under the direction of a professor. Other students cohrsework from universities across the United States and in other countries.

After you complete your application, the Office of Admissions will evaluate the transcripts.

As a result, class sizes are significantly smaller and students benefit from more individualized attention from their professors. Full-time faculty members and highly qualified adjunct faculty members teach all Computer Science classes.

This plan prepares students for key technical, administration and management positions in uhcp analysis, design, implementation, maintenance, operation and management of industrial and commercial computer information systems. The University of Houston-Clear Lake Bachelor of Science in Computer Science curriculum balances a solid foundation in computer science with practical industrial technologies.


uhcl cs coursework

Direct any general questions about the computer uhc, program to Sharon Hallthe program chairperson Contact admissions regarding the status of your application To speed up your application processing, be sure you give all necessary documents to the Office of Admission.

These courses will also focus on intellectual property law and ethical hacking, information warfare and much more.

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Andrew Yang Toneluh Andrew A. Students in the BS program must take computer science groundwork courses such as data structure, software engineering, operating systems, database systems design, discrete mathematics, and computer architecture.

uhcl cs coursework

It was for those who wanted to complete an undergraduate degree that had been xoursework somewhere else, or who were in my position. Alongside general education coursewirk, students will take coursework in basic computer algorithms, basic and intermediate computer programming, and introductory hardware configuration for workstations and servers.

It was not intended for freshmen or sophomores. A quantitative component requires students to advance at least through calculus and finite mathematics. Answered Apr 12, Effective Fall 3. Preparation for productive careers in computing starts with an excellent and diverse environment for learning, research, and the practice of theories, applications, and software development. Houston, TX, Phone: