As with case reports, submission of Volume 1 of the thesis to Turnitin is done via Moodle. If this applies to you, please arrange to meet your tutor as soon as possible, or contact Pasco Fearon. Each case report is a stand-alone entity, so tables and appendices are numbered afresh i. Guidelines for external supervisors of major reseearch project Notes for external supervisors thinking of proposing a project Guidelines for clinical supervisors on the Service Related Research Project. Thesis Submission Deferrals Form. What goes in Volume 1 Volume 1, the research component of the thesis, has a three-part structure, consisting of a literature review paper, an empirical paper and a critical appraisal.

The thesis requires a very substantial re-conceptualisation, rewriting, or re-analysis to be brought up to passing standard. After all revisions have been made and the thesis has been passed by the examiners, it will need to be prepared for final submission. This document describes how the thesis should be presented in order to make the nature of each trainee’s contribution explicit. Please use the below form for recording your AL. As an Appendix to the thesis, there should be an outline of what the trainee’s contribution to the joint study was, and what was done by others.

They are numbered in the order in which they appear in the thesis. Section 1 Sample D. Handing in before the viva Soft binding Volume 1. However, overlap should generally be minimal, and the same sentences should not normally be repeated in different parts of the thesis.

We suggest that you aim for about 20, to 25, words. Statement of Intent Form.

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Pass A well-conducted and well-presented study. The thesis is more easily readable if you left justify the text and use a standard font. Please see the example form for guidance on how this should be completed:. You will need to submit two copies of Volume 1 in a temporary, soft binding.


Miscellaneous collection of websites that are useful for research projects, e. If your research is part of a joint project e. Annual Leave Form In arriving at an overall evaluation, examiners will bear in mind that strengths in some areas of the thesis may compensate for weaknesses in others.

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The structure is as follows:. For quantitative studies, dclnipsy statistical power analysis should normally be reported. It is usually helpful to include a table listing their important characteristics and findings.

You also need to submit two electronic copies of Volume 1 in pdf format: Its structure follows the usual research article format, although the length of each section will vary according to the nature of the project, and additional detail may need to be provided in the Method or Results sections or in an Appendix.

This is dclihpsy recommendation subject to ratification by the Board of Examiners. There will inevitably be some overlap between each of the three parts: Here are some forms related to the Major Research Project.

ucl dclinpsy thesis

The viva Theses are normally sent out to examiners in July for the September vivas. There’s no need to number the pages within the appendices if this is fiddly.

Procedures for submission of joint theses

Tables and figures should be numbered afresh for the empirical paper, so the first thesiz in the empirical paper is Table 1, even if there is also a Table 1 in the literature review.


The final part of the thesis of approximately 3, to 5, words not dcllinpsy tables and references is intended to encourage critical reflection on the whole process of doing the research. The text should be double-spaced on plain, white A4 paper. The major research project forms Volume 1; Volume 2 contains the four case reports and the service-related research report.

Fail A Fail should be given when the work undertaken by the candidate is irredeemable, i. Keeping in Touch Form.

ucl dclinpsy thesis

They also do a small piece of service-related research in their first year. The course supports a pluralistic approach to research. After the title page comes the body of the report, its thsis, and then any appendices pertaining to that report.

ucl dclinpsy thesis

Descriptions of measures need to include sample items, response options, scoring methods and psychometric properties. The latter should indicate which databases you used, with which search terms, and specify other search limits, e.

It will interpret the findings in the context of the research questions and the wider theoretical context in which the work was carried out, including a consideration of alternative explanations, methodological limitations and reasons for unexpected results.