Skip to main content Skip to search box. Note that the margin requirements also pertain to the preliminary pages. D in order to earn both degrees. Advancement to candidacy for a Ph. Your Responsibilities as a Candidate 1. University policy requires students to advance to candidacy at least one quarter before they can earn the degree. Refer to sections 7.

These samples may be on any type of paper. You may pay a Filing Fee instead of the regular quarterly Registration Fee or Summer Session Fee if, prior to the beginning of the term in which you expect to receive your degree, you have met all degree requirements, as well as all other eligibility requirements for the filing fee which are listed on the form. Is it possible to obtain an extension to the submission deadline? You are strongly urged to attend; dates and times of future sessions are available here. No, you must use the current Manual.

Please note that if you choose to submit electronically, there is no need to visit the University Archives during the submission process unless you would like to make an appointment for an in-person critique of the manuscript prior to submission.

The Filing Fee is half the amount of the Dissrtation Fee. Information about the electronic submission process is available in this manual, on the Graduate Division website and on the ETD site. Policies and procedures change over time.

Can I submit my thesis to you even if it’s not required? The time needed for cataloging and various other processes for electronic publishing varies; allow a minimum of five months for the entire process from submission of your manuscript to the University Archives to the time your manuscript is available for viewing. Students are responsible for adherence to all requirements specified in this manual.


Since requirements change over time, it is deaslines to note that the requirements in this manual supersede all prior editions. FAQ and Privacy Statement.

uci dissertation filing deadlines

Toggle primary navigation UCI homepage. Can I use an old version of UCI’s manual? During the advancement phase, students also select their 3 member dissertation committee. Be sure to provide a telephone number or email address where you can be reached in case we determine that any changes are necessary, or if you wish to be notified whether your manuscript is acceptable.

Home Academics Deaclines to Candidacy. Plan II does not require a committee; however students must consult with their department regarding advancement requirements. The requirements described in this manual apply only to the formatting of your manuscript, not to its scholarly content.

Submitting your final degree packet starts your final degree check. Skip to filinh content Skip to search box.

uci dissertation filing deadlines

It therefore is not necessary to obtain an extension in order to submit by this date. No, you must use the current Manual. Note that for any manuscript submitted after the initial submission deadline, the degree is awarded for the following academic quarter.

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Upon submitting your manuscript electronically, University Archives will automatically send you a verification email stating your submission has been received. Points to Double Check]. More information about graduate degrees is here: You have submitted your manuscript electronically.


Real-time, chat reference service is provided by reference staff from various academic libraries.

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No, you must use UCI’s manual. All formatting requirements specified in this manual must be adhered to. If you submit electronically you can pay these fees online using your credit card.

If you miss the deadline, the dissertarion conferral of your degree will be delayed until at minimum the following quarter. Additional final degree submission forms, a step by step manual as well as a submission instructions flow chart can be found at the appropriate link below: Consult the samples at the end of the Manual. Graduate Division staff will verify that:.

uci dissertation filing deadlines

Theses or dissertations that do not follow the formatting requirements in the manual will not be accepted and the student will be told what needs to be changed and will be referred to certain section s of the manual for formatting requirements.

No, but you should at least bring the preliminary pages and a chapter or two, plus any figures or tables about which you may have questions.