These were people from Scandinavia,…. How has European material culture since the sixteenth century, been affected by China? Similarly, both Kett’s rebellion and the Western rebellion were to some extent motivated by hatred of illegal enclosures, this being the primary catalyst for Kett’s rebellion and this indicates the importance of an underlying socio-economic motive for the religious rebellions. Therefore, particularly towards the end of the Tudor rule, and with the replacement of the old consultations with the Great Council of Nobles, used by Henry VII from , with the new Privy Council used to effectively advise the monarch, political faction became a main cause for rebellion, although this was not to the same extent as Religious change or other factors, such as those which were socio-economic. Equally, the Oxfordshire rebellion of was monocausal; motivated by opposition to unfair enclosures which exacerbated the high levels of unemployment and rising grain prices as a result of the poor harvest of It must thus conclude that control was not crucial while determining if the rebels carried out their principal objectives, as the examples exist rebellions failed with the dynamic chiefs and the successful revolts carried out by the masses.

History is the study of past events and the impact they had on people and societies. On the one hand the stability and the force of the government would also lead to an easy defeat of risings. Social and economic conditions were always a factor, but rarely the trigger. Boost your grades with stress-free tuition that fits your schedule. The poor control of the rebellion can be seen as influencing factor if the rebels could carry out their objectives. A device which enters far while explaining why many rebellions did not carry out their principal objectives is that the complaints of the rebel consider mainly localised complaints. Need help with History?

It was primarily motivated by ecclesiastical commissioners closing Parish churches and monasteries in the counties of Lancashire, Lincolnshire and Yorkshire.

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About the author Michael M. In the Pilgrimage of Grace, many opposed taxations such as the first fruits and tenths tithe and the proposed white meat tax.


Most rebellions failed yet when the counties were able to ally together against a common grievance the rebels stood a greater chance as fulfilling their principal aims. Answered by Peter S. The rebellion of the Scandinavian counts in and to rise of Oxfordshire of the exposure a effective lack of control which on coudsework first evaluation would seem crucial for the successful revolt.

What sort of rebellions were the most successful in the period ? Rebrllions, this tendency of poor control in the last part of the dynasty of Tudor can probably be dependent with the hesitation of people of the high society which, after became more and more less laid out to imply themselves of the open rebellion.

However, two rebellions — the friendly rebellion of Grant of and Kett of – for various reasons, defy the idea that control was principal to the rebels carrying out their principal objectives.

How has European material culture since the sixteenth century, been affected by China? The poor control of the rebellion can be seen as influencing factor if the rebels could carry out their objectives. Social and economic conditions were always a factor, but rarely the trigger.

Tudor Rebellions

Answered by Joe L. How far do you agree that rebellions with foreign support posed the most dangerous threat to Tudor governments?

Furthermore, many rebels were against the Supremacy act, and the banner of the five wounds of Christ was paraded, a symbolic defence of Catholicism, and a feat which would later be repeated in the Western rebellion and the rebellion of Northern Earls Answered by Joshua S.

Similarly, the Rebellion of Northern Earls wished to restore Catholicism to England by replacing the protestant Elizabeth by ascending Mary Queen of Scots to the throne in her stead.

However, each of the religious rebellions had other underlying causes, such as ambition and political faction, such as the Aragonese faction to the Pilgrimage of Grace, thus undermining the importance as a main cause of rebellion. Top essays for rebelllons Menu. Even the Pilgrimage of Grace cited enclosures and inflation ibn articles 13 and 14 at Pontefract. However, it would not be right to declare that all the rebellions not were successful; friendly Grant of is an example of retirement of government like direct consequence of revolt.


Throughout the periodit is evident that there were many causes of rebellion. With English rebellions mostly having some socio-economic cause, to either a lesser or coursewofk extent, suggest this was certainly a main cause of rebellion throughout the era; even in Ireland, unfair stealing of land by English plantation owners was cited as a cause of rebellion.

In Early Modern Europe, countries were discovering and changing the ways in which they operated.

tudor rebellions coursework

This supports the notion that it was a main cause for rebellion. How can I sustain an argument if I must also consider both sides to the question? Welcome to the official website of John Guy.

tudor rebellions coursework

Later during the time it is plausible to look at the failure of the Westerner and the rebellions of Kett because an incapacity to coordinate as, had linked as a rebellionw, they could have made greater pressure on the government and could have succeeded in carrying out their principal objectives.

Assess the role of the nobility in maintaining political stability in Tudor England. Designed Aids in south africa research paper by. Finally, the role of socio-economic factors as a main cause for rebellion in Tudor England cannot clursework underestimated.

What was the main cause of rebellion in the period ?

tudor rebellions coursework

The only rebellions that were successful were those that rebelled over national issues such as the Amicable Grant and Pilgrimage of Grace.

Make research projects and school reports about tudor rebellions coursework Ireland easy with credible articles from our. These hudor people from Scandinavia,…. Many of the rebellions previously discussed were multi-causal.