For achieving , points from your team you become a white diamond and share pool bonus in 11 levels, you will also get a diamond ring and an exotic car of your choice. The company describes its unique international business model as follows: Trevo Business Plan Explained. Flp Nigeria was successful because their products are daily use products even though a bit expensive. Earn substantial retail income by purchasing our phenomenal products at wholesale and then selling them to retail customers for a significant profit. Ponzi is just a game of figures.

Fast start bonus- trevo pays u a fast start bonus of N for each person you enroll, remember Trevo operates a unilevel system not binary meaning u can sign up as many people as u want directly to yourself thus there is no limit to d number of N you can earn in trevo. Disadvantage- Your pay leg is you less volume leg. Trevo Builders go to Paris. This is also on product re order. Once you attain a particular level you cannot drop or go back. If you are one of those people who would say i cannot join a company that is not at least 10years.

You can start up your own Ponzi scam.

trevo nigeria business plan

My Joy is that i have not heard of anyone who takes Trevo and say its not good for the body and it doesnt do anything good for the body. Are you ready to make more money?

If Iphone 5 for instance stands for foreva living products.

trevo nigeria business plan

Group Volume commissions are based on Group Volume, which means field leaders are rewarded for building passionate teams of salespeople. H2i is an NGO that embraced the Ponzi scam.

Trevo Business Plan Explained | Trevo – Living Healthy And Wealthy

There are six 6 different ways to join Trevo business. I have team members all over the world that i have never even met physically. Each of the ranks have 5 levels but trevo shares nigefia from global sales with Directors, Executives and Diamond. Using the Foreva living tooth paste for instance an average Nigerian family of 8children cannot finish 5pcs of toothpaste in a month if each of them brush 2times daily. Ce site utilise des cookies.


And please tell your friend that if that upline is not ready to teach her the business and help her become successful in the business, she should look for another upline that is ready to help her, if she want to be successful. Disadvantage- Your pay leg is you less volume leg.

Nigerians you cannot deceive, if Trevo doesnt work and the Testimonies are not there Nigerians would tevo tagged it and the market would be off.

Without the product, Trevo can not sell itself. Meanwhile, their contract trevk Uju was a 4year contract. If you have pple on your left leg and 15pple on your right leg Aims global would pay you on d purchase power of 15pple until you balance up. Their marketing plan states that the higher you go, the cheaper you buy our products. These shares are distributed as donations to charities specified by these Life and Health Coach leaders, and are made in the name of the participating leader.

Ladies nigedia Gentlemen, you will agree with me based on the analysed compensation plan of the 5 network marketing companies excluding h2i for a company to come to Nigeria, have its ground and for a long time both product wise and comp plan wise it must be on a Unilevel system where everybody are equal and are rewarded according to their inputs.

Comparative illustration on Mlm network marketing companies compensation plans in Nigeria

In latethe court ruled that Uju should continue with here franchisee which is expired in and afterwards Mr Uches contract would begin. GNLD is not a global business- Take it or bjsiness it, if you want to be sucessful in mlm industry you have to be able to work and prospect on the global platform. You get another dollars trev if you achieve 10, points within 4 months of joining trevo. Elite Customer Retail Sales 2.


Trevo Home Business Income Opportunity

Retail sales- watch out for the next article on a comparative explanation of products of each company and sales. No matter the level you start with, there is room to upgrade from lower levels to higher levels. Vemma is a franchise. You have don a wonderful job here, I must say; deserving a pay for this great post.

This is the perfect link for Trevo unbiased Full Review, whether it plam a scam or real by an Expert. Depending on aw u want to and how you can afford…no matter how much u earn in Trevo you connot buy more than 6bottles in amont. Leave A Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Yes they tell you that its either you offer products or services.

The company promised to give person that signs up a brand new car once they complete stage 1 which with my analysis was a registration of about just 40people. I know some of you wouldnt even want to read this and some would just hiss while reading this. Wealth Creation Elite Team.