A more concrete example follows:. University of Wollongong Thesis Informatics. The page numbering has of the thesis template changed completely as of version 3. Texmaker always complained errors. However I can’t use this command: Then could you just briefly explain that how I can add the second supervisor or instructor?

S-xy for the major subject of the Masters thesis will no longer be used, this part of the template has been appropriately modified. Utah State University Thesis. Permalink Jun 20, Delft University of Technology Dissertation. Institute of Technology Calicut Project Report. When using hyperref, set the pagemode as UseNone instead of None, as given in the template:

Normally, you have only one supervisor, either your professor here in Finland or your professor in the university you came from, and optionally you can have one or more advisors. University of Arkansas Thesis. This comment is for those of you using Overleaf.

German lab and course report. The LaTeX template files opinnaytepohja.

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University of Thessis at Davis Thesis. Permalink Jun 22, University of Texas Doctoral Thesis. Sep 21, by Luis de Jussilainen Costa. I have removed the setting. History The template and its accompanying style file were originally written for the TKK Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Automation thesis writers, but later—after Aalto University began its operation—the style file and template were extended in a fashion that makes it possible for all Aalto thesis writers to use the template.


Changed this line in aaltothesis. The current version for typsetting one’s thesis uses aaltothesis. University of Wollongong Thesis Informatics. Permalink Jun 08, The Aalto thesis class file aaltothesis. Then could you just briefly explain that how I can add the second supervisor or instructor?

tkk thesis template

I will be happy to receive constructive criticism, comments and feedback on the guide, which I will use to write a possible new version of the guide in the future. Using an already existing counter rand on input line I’m attaching the templatr patch.

Permalink Oct 06, You must make the appropriate changes here too. I don’t really understand what went wrong and where, but I fixed it in my case as follows:. Overleaf will update its engine in the near future after which there should hopefully be no rkk compiling the Aalto thesis template.

tkk thesis template

Chicago Manual of Style templatee such like when writing in English. I got the same error These strings appear only in one place under the heading “Rakenne” as follows: Now that the Overleaf engine tepmlate been updated to v2, you no longer need to add the new pdfx. Hi, I downloaded the files and tried to compile them on Texmaker.


Sorry for the numerous updates in such a short span of time. Installing it with Package Manager worked!

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If you really need two supervisors, you should take a look at the source of aaltothesis. The thesis template package has now been updated to version 3.

tkk thesis template

I got Lyx to understand the aaltothesis class file by creating a. Simon Fraser University Thesis. Permalink Sep 21,