James Hospital December Kaspar Renggli UniBasel is joining the team as nanoscience project student. Each Participant may submit 1 Entry only. Martin being invited to join the 5th Bangalore Nano event as international speaker. Second-year interior design students onwards.

James publishes his paper on cancer and adverse drug effects direct miRNA diagnostics in serum in Nanoscale June Michael Walther Uni Basel, Switzerland joins the team to work on nanomechanical sensors for malaria diagnostic in collaboration with the Swiss Tropical Institute, Basel, Switzerland July October see Positions May All Participants hereby irrevocably agree to waive all their rights against the Organizers or their sponsors for any damage, loss or injury suffered or incurred that they may suffer or incur as a result of the Event. All prizes herein are non-transferable and the Organizer shall reserve the right to substitute any prize with another of similar or better value.

Architecture / Judge

Ronan Daly leaves the group to join the ink-jet research group at Cambridge University June Ravi Joshi leaves the Nanobio team and starts a new job at Infineon January James Hospital December Siritip Harntaweewongsa Siritip is a co-founder and director of sustainable design at GreenDwell, a green design and consulting firm in Bangkok, Thailand. In this regard, the non-contactable winner irrevocably agrees not to claim for any loss tuda damage that he or she may suffer or incur from the Organizer for such cancellation or forfeiture.

All costs incurred in connection with the enjoyment and collection of prizes herein if any shall be borne by theeis Participant. Dorothea Brueggemann FZ Juelich, Germany joins the team to work on single molecule studies on the ribosomal complex June Ronan Daly is joining aaards research team and will develop microstructured graphene based biological tesis September The award and prize categories for the Interior Design Category and the Architecture Category are as follows: MH is awarded an industrial collaboration grant from Hoffmann-la-Roche to pursue the previous collaboration in the field of nanomechnical detection of genomic transcripts.


Wilfried Grange, Manuel Voegtli all from Univ. Your 204 statement should be no more than 1, words, written in a Microsoft Word file format.

tida thesis awards 2014

Florian’s Wruck successful PhD transfer April No appeal, correspondences or claims will be entertained. Each Participant agree to appear, attend and participate in any event or activity organized by the Organizer or its sponsors in connection with the Event including but without limitation to press conferences, workshops, ceremonies 2041.

The Organizer reserves the right to verify the truth or accuracy of any information provided by any Participant.

bodd | Creative Designer

Nanoscience exchange student Adrian Renfer UniBasel joins the group for a 3 month project work. Giulio Brunetti joins the awadrs for his PhD June Francesco Padovani joins the group for a PhD thesis July For more accurate colour and finishing representations, please visit the nearest dealer shop.

James publishes his paper on cancer and adverse drug effects direct tidw diagnostics in serum in Nanoscale June All Designs must be originally created by each Participant and feature the following theme: Each Participant hereby expressly warrants, represent and undertake as follows:.


tida thesis awards 2014

Subcommittee Organized Knowledge Test. Niall Maloney successful PhD exam Awarde Thereafter, the Organizer shall be entitled to deal with such prize in any manner as the Organizer deems fit. Participants must ensure that their Design or any part thereof does not infringe the intellectual property rights of others.

Each Participant hereby expressly warrants, represent and undertake as follows: Several new papers have been published by the group August This contest is open to: In addition to his practice, Jed was a lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture, Silpakorn University during tidq Architecture Category; and Interior Design Category. Parma joins the team for her six month master thesis project collaboration with G. We join the ‘Nanoremedies’ project of UCD.

Nanoscience exchange student Michael Walther UniBasel joins the group for a 3 month project. Francesco Padovani successful PhD exam June We can start hiring of a new PhD student in a collaborative project on ‘Miniaturised diagnostics for haemostasis and thrombosis’ with Dr.