For more information please contact Marlies van der Mee. Nevertheless, some states, including Germany, already know such a constitutional provision. This paper focuses on the parliamentary oversight over the government and other branches of the executive power and the administration, which is enshrined among others in article of the Constitution. Internet Alle in de kamer en gemeenschappelijke ruimtes in een gemeenschappelijke ruimte in de kamer. Read more ITEM commits to reducing administrative burden for pensioners abroad Monday, January 14, Pensioners who emigrate within the EU and wish to continue to receive their pension must periodically send in a life certificate to various institutions. Abstract Do the shackles of the Strong also fit the Weak?

Abstract Het democratisch deficit van het referendum? The report that consists of two parts became public on Thursday 31 January and is available here. First of all, I will briefly present various case studies that illustrate the diversity of participatory processes. Ger Koopmans, from the Province of Limburg. That, however, means that economically Strong creditors are usually better protected than economically Weak creditors.

Bio Wessel Wijtvliet is a doctoral researcher and teacher assistant. Raoul van Caenegem passed away at the age of 90 in his hometown of Gent. He wrote a thesis on the use of the actio pauliana in mergers, splits and similar restructurings. This conference builds on an initial exploration of the topic of decentralization held at the Faculty of Law at Oxford University in March However, in practice, those repeated calls for accountability have been met with limited success in international organizations.

Benjamin is researching on EU Institutional Law, especially on the functioning of the EU legislative procedure, the prevention and sanction of conflicts of interests in EU institutions and on Brexit.


Skip to main content. The article tests, though solely within the domain of judicial decision making, the logic behind this distinction by application of the Hollisian approach to the philosophy of social science. Moreover, repressing national legislation regarding tax avoidance is arising swiftly worldwide.

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It also features photos from behind the scenes. The week will be devoted to working together on the topic of cross-border mobility in the digital age and will take place at a number of locations within the Meuse-Rhine Euregion.

However, this lack of knowledge and skill makes it impossible for the investor to understand the investments the firm makes on his behalf and to ascertain whether these are actually made in his best interest. Regio limburg zwaarst getroffen door mogelijke bezuinigingen op hoger onderwijs.

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He is presently working on his doctoral dissertation on acquisitive prescription adverse possession in Belgian, French, Dutch, English and German law, which is nearing completion. Traditional legal scholarship generally considers doctrinal and normative research as tjesis.

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He is also a visiting lecturer at the University of Lille II and, since Februarya junior attorney at the Brussels bar. Read more A new master in privacy and cybersecurity Wednesday, November 14, Six months after its introduction, companies and other organisations are still grappling with the new EU privacy law.

This phenomenon, wich takes fully place within the current movement of transparency, raises with a new acuity the old issue of cooperation between State rechgen Society, and especially the sensitive question of denunciation in Europe. Johan Van de Voorde UAntwerpen.


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Wat is de functie van het recht in dit alles? The chair is part of the Department of Public Law.

His current research focuses on empirical and normative aspects of judicial lawmaking. More info on the full programme: Bio Wout De Cock is a Ph.

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Expertise Centre ITEM supports and promotes – from science – the euregional and transnational functioning of society. Evidently, these rules are of a public law nature, as they set out what a firm is to do to receive a permit from a government institution.

Deze bijdrage bespreekt een aantal voorstellen daartoe. Secondly, the development of Cooperative Compliance in other countries will be analyzed. Its research question aims to establish the impact of the separation of powers on outsourcing normative powers to NPAAs.

thesis uhasselt rechten

Through savings banks, consumer co-operatives and education many social liberals thought they could bring an appropriate answer to the social issue. Bio Olivier Eloot has got master degrees in both history and law. On 10 December Situated in the Maastricht inner city, our faculty community is located in a remarkable, almost year old building. That is why the rights uhaaselt the creditors got limited in a thedis plan. The strong and the weak in corporate law: However, these legal provisions contain numerous ambivalences, and ICC jurisprudence is incoherent with respect to their meaning.