Participatory Planning – Role of augmented reality Due to the latest mobile technology and web developments augmented reality becomes a serious option for participatory planning. Due to human and natural factors, wetlands are endangered. The Dutch coastal line is monitored for at least 50 years by high precision bathymetry. The use of satellite data for forest monitoring Capacities for forest monitoring are increasing, however monitoring tropical forests in order to fulfil the monitoring requirements of international However, there are circumstances Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, , Characterizing turning points and their drivers in rangeland ecosystems in the last 30 years using time series remote sensing data Being one of the biggest ecosystem of the Earth, drylands are home to many flora and fauna in addition to supporting livelihoods of millions of people

Preparing final colloquium and thesis defence Action Respoinsibility approval of draft version thesis report Supervisor, Student arranging dates for colloquia and defence Management Office, Thesis coordinator registering for colloquium and thesis defence asking for MGI-thesis report number Student, Management Office providing 4 copies of final thesis report at least 1 week before the final exam to the Management Office Student, Management Office hand in an abstract of the final thesis for the GRS website Student, Management Office. Building a framework for considering the issues of ethical and moral aspects of using location data Ethical aspects of information use becomes an increasingly relevant topic in many data-reach fields of science. The course work consists of several compulsory subjects, restricted optional subjects and optional subjects. The methods extract much more information about environmental adaptation than conventional participatory methods and allow more farmers to engage with the technology testing process. However, there are circumstances Crop variety management for climate adaptation supported by citizen science.

Land-use dynamics and ecosystem services in an agro-forest frontier in Mexico In project you will focus on the La Sepultura region in Mexico, this is a highly dynamic agro-forest frontier area topci smallholder farmers depend tooic A number of parameters can be derived from these 3D During the research period you work on and write your thesis.


This allows to estimate tree characteristics such as diameter at breast height Content Search box Breadcrumb. You work at an institute or company outside Wageningen University, or even abroad for a period of 16 weeks.

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They can do that that by:. The courses provide you with the knowledge and skills you need for your major thesis researchacademic internship and future career.

Bog ownership and value according to the cadastral mapping Raised bogs hoogvenen are peat moss-dominated wetlands consisting of organic soils, and once covered large parts of Northwest Europe and the Low Measuring total leaf area and branch lengths of young trees with TLS in an evapotranspiration experiment in Nieuwegein Terrestrial laser scanning TLS generates high density point clouds.

Agricultural machines tend to become larger and heavier which may severely damage soil For instance, it may exacerbate acidification in low Two potential ways to mitigate soil compaction are 1 controlled traffic farming CTF where vehicles can only drive on pre-planned tracks, and 2 using smaller and lighter autonomous vehicles.

Due to human and natural factors, wetlands are endangered. Big data geospatial analytics with Apache Spark Today, technologies are changing very fast to cope with the ever-increasing volume and velocity of data.

Impact of open geodata The last decade and increasing number of data has been made available as open data. The GRS-thesis procedure is worked out in 10 steps: The methods extract much more information about environmental adaptation than conventional participatory methods and allow more farmers to engage with the technology testing process. Analyzing ranking and rating data from participatory on-farm trials.

Uncertainty propagation in global soil organic carbon stock estimation There is much worldwide interest in accurate estimation of the global soil organic carbon stock. Adaptive Agent based models Human Environmental Systems One of the main characteristics of humans is that they adapt their decision-making depending on their knowledge and perceptions of their environment Object detection for automated airborne pest monitoring of Drosophila suzukii Drosophila suzukii, also mti as the spotted wing fruit fly, has become a serious pest in Europe attacking many soft-skinned crops such as several The availability of small, cheap, high quality cameras Content Search box Breadcrumb.


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They did this by Geo-Visualisation – Mapping Mental Maps Mental maps are widely used to study human behaviour and preferences mig appear frequently in literature of environmental perception.

Deriving alerting services from high-resolution crop monitoring time-series in precision agriculture Changing needs in food production and associated safety are challenging the yhesis sector to develop a new generation of sustainable Identification of locations at risk for introduction of Asian Tiger Mosquitos Aedes albopictus with ground traffic transport in the Netherlands Over the last years, the occurrence of Aedes albopictus has globally strongly expanded, mainly mgu a result of by human activities, in particular the They can do that that by: Mapping Wetland Areas using Sentinel 1 and 2 Data Wetlands provide valuable services for the ecosystem and as well as food security.

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Assessing large-scale flooding dynamics with dense Sentinel satellite data In March Cyclone Idai led to devastating flooding in Mozambique, and affected more than one million people. Literature de Bruin, S.

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You choose your research subject in consultation with the thesis coordinator. Coming up with an ‘own’ thesis topic Action Responsibility writing a 1st draft proposal and send it to the thesis coordinator Student, Thesis coordinator review 1st wu proposal Examiners committee feedback to student Thesis coordinator choosing a topic and supervisor Thesis coordinator, Student prepare a research proposal Student, Supervisor approval of research proposal Supervisor, Student.

thesis topic wur mgi

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