This is what gives nationalisms their greater or lesser appeal and staying power. The violence of did not end there. It is usual of a tendency inherent in statecraft. Upon studying the letters, Ghosh observed vestiges of connections across the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean. Nations hinge on shared histories and communities. The West is accused by Said and other postcolonial scholars and thinkers, including Homi Bhabha and Gayatri Spivak among others, of taking over the literary agency of the non-Western subject and misrepresenting or under-representing it in its historical narrative. It is a multi-voiced piece, very much created by one who is a cultural traveller of extra- territorial rather than a nationalist.

The second part of The Glass Palace shows the twin-za community hanging onto these wells for livelihood as more and more foreigners, White men started gathering around Yenangyaung. Amitav Ghosh has emerged as one of the prominent writers of Indian postmodern literature. Roy believes that the Bengal partition is a major case of violation of human rights that has so far escaped the attention of the world. This lends him the gift of double perspective which he intensively exploits, dwelling the in-between position. These people know they have to organize the archive in order to make sense of it and they fictively derive its meaning. The success of these novels firmly established the prominence of identity crisis in the thematic set up of the Indian English fiction.

Historicism contents itself with establishing a causal connection between various moments in history. Do you suppose my firm, for instance, thesiis get its timber contracts if the country weren’t in the hands of the British? This arrival was more of an intervention in the existing cordiality between the other parts of the world. It makes them defenceless, isolated and suffocated from within.

It gives rise to questions such as: Alu is an alleged tnesis too, hunted by Calcutta police throughout his unplanned and unending journey.


But they also do an additional job of provincializing Europe Chakrabarty, But they have owned, and believed in the nation India as motherland. A suitable ghohs has been provided by Said validating the idea that. Thamma herself desists from keeping her promise of being secular and non-communal.

Accepting this as the moral duty of a colonizer, the Orientalist writes about and represents the Oriental.

thesis on the novels of amitav ghosh

Moreover, the objective is to see if Ghosh is successful in putting back the discipline of history among the ggosh while highlighting the complexity of identity in the modern-day nation states. They also played the assumption game and propagated the generalized idea that the whole of the Eastern world hangs to a void without any recorded beginning, and roots! The most significant thing about Ghosh is that with these characteristics, he succeeds in re-awakening a ajitav with all its human and emotional colours, radiating in their particular nuances and echoes.

thesis on the novels of amitav ghosh

And therefore, the need to understand the role played by the so-called less active historical figures is as important as the one played by the more active ones. In his efforts to make peace and restore Muslims to all over India, he vowed of fast unto death as the last resort.

Bismillah, Abdul, The Song of the Loom: It is most commonly said that history is written by the victors.

MA Thesis on Amitav Ghosh

But the number of characters that Amitav Ghosh has spilled in favour of the anti- establishment theory outnumbers them. Such creative works further verify the mythical notation regarding historiography as a true representation of past life in a linear relation between time and space.

If Balram could terrorize using his rational practice of disinfecting with Carbolic Acid, it would not be an exaggeration to trace its base in the very colonization process.

He famously reversed the roles of Rama and Ravana in direct response to colonial upbringing in Meghnadavadh Kavya written in Perhaps it would please Roy that Gosh has taken the unnoticed and subaltern part of this forbidden history- the bulk of rural thrsis, small traders, weavers, artisans, fishermen, cultivators who had no lands of their own to weep for.


It is true that historians for a long, long time have measured up events in one way only- be it the White way or the Right way, assuming that ghksh rest is darkness.

A Critical Study of the Novels of Amitav Ghosh – Etheses

An author of a fictitious work has the liberty to imagine or invent events if the plot demands it. This is of course ghosn to the colonization of the Middle East, and Mediterranean areas which invited the European greedy eyes for its gold, amiav or even water River Nile, Red Sea!

They were all battles fought in vain. He shows that such syncreticism can come out of a mutual understanding and maturity. Man became subservient to machine. The fact that some of these textiles have endured through the ages, is of paramount importance. Historicism was one major point upon which Colonialism drew its power for centuries. Truth is stranger than it used to be, London: It thus, forms the imagined community amiitav horizontal comradeship.

Today the age old Indian Yoga is back with a bang not only in fashionable diet regimes but also in Physiotherapy! Then another exceptional presence is that of Sanneyaa woman living inside her ggosh, veiled and secluded who became an important link for unraveling some knots.

Even though Amitav Ghosh amltav not consider himself as a postcolonial writer, his works nonetheless problematize the dominant position of the West and offer a possibility to construct an alternative history. Log In Sign Up.

thesis on the novels of amitav ghosh