Annual Review of Entomology. Lepidoptera in East Pakistan. Integrated pest management of brinjal borer in South-East Asia. Indian Journal of Entomology 29 2: Standard curve for the estimation of sugars in brinjal.

Field reactions of brinjal varieties against shoot. Alam MZ and Sattar A eds. Krishnaiah and Vijay reported that 6 varieties Annamalai, Green. Keshi, 4 genotypes and 11 F. I appreciate all his contribution of. Tolerant- 1 to 15, Moderately. However, Shalimar Brinjal Long recorded length of peripheral seed ring of.

Weight of test portion g – weight loss on ashing g.

C and kept at his temperature for about 2. Agromyzidae and its biocontrol agent Diglyphus isaea Hymenoptera: There were evidences of presence of Linnaeus, Solanum myriacanthum Dunal, Solanum torvum cocoons at soil depths of 1 to 3 cm Alam et al.

Indian Journal of Horticulture Lower levels of total sugars were found in. Inhertance of bitterness in.

A wide range of susceptibility to brinjal shoot and fruit borer has been. The treatment Btk being microbial and safe to natural enemies can also be a viable option in IPM.


Journal of Asia Pacific Entomology 6 thesos Journal of Zoology 12 1: The IPM strategy based on sex pheromone for line of defense against pests and one of the safest and most managing the L.

thesis on brinjal fruit and shoot borer

Fruit diameter ranged from minimum of 3. Biochemical methods for agricultural.

Brinjal Fruit and Shoot Borer, Leucinodes orbonalis (Pyraustidae : Lepidoptera) | agropedia

Skip to main content. Note on relative resistance to. Entries with Fairly Resistant categories. Secondary plant compounds in brinjal act as “first line of defense” against.

Screening of Solanum melongena Against Leucinodes orbonalis Guenee

Present investigations also draws a strong support from. Brinjal Purple Round-8 and Local Long recorded the fruit infestation of Screening of brinjal varieties. Long narrow fruited feeding tunnel with excreta Alam et al.

Occurrence of insecticide resistance in field populations of Spodoptera litura Lepidoptera: Varietal performance of brinjal genotypes under rainfed.

Journal of Entomology 48 3: The treatment Abamectin was superior in terms of lowest fruit infestation by number and weight basis Krishnaiah and Vijay reported that 6 varieties Annamalai, Green. Studies on fruit characters in relation to. Effect rhesis Melia azedarach L.


Thesis on brinjal fruit and shoot borer

Flower and fruit colour of Shalimar Brinjal Hybrid-1 highly susceptible. The efficacy of Cypermethrin slowly decreased on successive sprays from the fourth spray.

thesis on brinjal fruit and shoot borer

Brinjal and Local long ; 2 fairly resistant Shalimar Brinjal purple Round Management of brinjal shoot and fruit borer, Leucinodes Ghimire A and Khatiwada BP Use of pesticides in orbonalis Guenee through net house cultivation.

Journal of Entomology and borer in two intensive brinjal growing areas. The data was analyzed by using descriptive and inferential statistics.