As a student in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering you will fall under one of the following 3 categories:. More information on this course can be found at the course website: Part A Report and Seminar Guidelines. You can then proceed to register. If you are overseas and cannot meet before the start of the term, arrange a skype chat.

Please note that our academic staffs are not obliged to supervise you. These written reports must include introduction, motivation, literature review, methodology, research proposal, bibliography and timeline for the completion of the project in the second half of their research project. Queries regarding any aspect of the weighted average system should be sent by email to G ladys Fong in the first instance. When a supervisor feels that a student is incapable of successfully completing the selected thesis topic, the supervisor should strongly advise the student to withdraw from that particular topic and seek a new one, possibly with a different supervisor. WAM of at least 80 and thesis mark of at least

Finding a Supervisor internally Please note that our academic staffs are not obliged to supervise you. Your program determines which project code students should enrol into. The School has a special Moodle for securing thesis topics, which you can self-enrol in at any time.

Poster competition and work of previous winners. Calculation Forms Templates for calculating your weighted averages to determine if you have Honours award or not: We reserve the right to make g where appropriate. When a student is granted an extension there may be a penalty resulting in a reduction of the thesis mark.

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Once you and your supervisor have agreed, you must complete and submit a Thesis Nomination Form details follow. One way in which our safety is protected is through the preparation, review eer approval of Risk Assessments.


Once a supervisor reaches their limit please look for someone else. All information about PG Thesis is located in Moodle. Substitution, by approval, for equivalent courses taken in other schools at UNSW is counted in the WAM, and the weighting is determined by the School depending on the level of difficulty of the course. Thesis Part B Openday Location.

thesis b unsw eet

Course exemptions are not included in the calculations. If you are overseas and cannot meet before the start of the term, arrange a skype chat. BE in Electrical Engineering Calculation Sheet – Excel file old program and new program BE in Telecommunications Calculation Sheet – Theesis file old program and new program Combined degrees program – please use the above single degree template.


Skip to main content. Schedule your appointment with your supervisor 2. When you have identified a topic of interest, contact the supervisor to discuss your ideas and see if they will be able to accept you as a research student.

Award of Class of Honours New honour policy for new programs commencing in Procedures for withdrawal, suspension and extension.

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Please ensure you are always polite in your email. Where electives are taken in addition to the stipulated number of electives for a student’s program, their WAM will comprise the marks from the first n courses taken at each level, where n is the stipulated number of electives for that year of the student’s program.


If you have any questions regarding your thesis, please make a eet in the Moodle forum so that everyone can see the response from Tracie Barber. To receive an exemption you must provide a request in writing and a copy of your undergraduate academic transcript as evidence of a completed undergraduate research project.

After reading the form carefully follow the below information to find a supervisor internally.

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You are hnsw to follow the process as stated there. PDF formated copy of the thesis, prepared in accordance with the specification given, are to be submitted online no later than the deadline specified in the timetable. Please follow the steps mentioned below which will guide you on how to enrol yourself into Moodle. Thesis seminar assessment sheet.

thesis b unsw eet

Thesis Topics Nomination Form. In the months prior to commencing your thesis the school office will contact you with instructions on how to select a thesis topic and supervisor.

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A student who is permitted to withdraw without failure from Thesis Part A should re-enrol in the following Session with a new topic approval form. Only the BE component will be counted in the spreadsheet. All weights for courses are calculated using the following formula: If in doubt, consult your Thesis Course Outline.