Summer would have stayed shallow instead of totally ruling! Marissa tells Julie she’s leaving. Taylor says her goodbyes to Summer and Seth She answers it and says she’s never speaking to him again even though she totally could have just looked at the caller ID and not answered. No wait that’s actually me saying it. They snack on In and Out Burger.

The Graduates Paj likes the show again Ryan smashes out the windshield and drags Marissa out. Taylor is worrying about her valedictorian speech. Why do some schools in the United States have predominantly Hispanic and black students? Complete Season 2 DVD.

the oc taylors graduation speech

Marissa, Summer, and Taylor are rehashing Prom night. The OCTV. Complete Season 4 DVD. On the ridiculously barren drive to the speeh Volchock’s van pops out and he tries to ram Ryan’s car off the road.

the oc taylors graduation speech

Volchock says he needs to see her one last time or he’ll spill the beans on Ryan. The Van is totally owning thhe Land Cruiser in this fight. A cover of “Hallelujah” plays in the background just like the end of season one. Now a good cover of “Hallelujah” is enough to give me chills, but I am absolutely covered in goosebumps right now.


Summer and Marissa discuss Marissa’s dad for a bit. Summer would have stayed shallow instead of totally ruling! Great season finale to save an otherwise miserable season. Ryan gives Marissa his blessing about the year at sea. Sadly, the cell phone does not explode and kill Marissa in the face.

Sadly, Ryan’s car doesn’t flip over and critically injure Marissa.

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Sadly, Ryan does not take a gun and shoot her in the tummy. Volchock calls Marissa on her cellphone. Is it possible to take a online course on just your iPhone?

As they leave it turns out Volchock has been waiting the whole time. Julie gives her a Marissa a pearl necklace I sense the crazy coming on. Seth would still be virgin dork. Marissa decides to take them to the model home where they first bonded until Ryan burned it to the ground.

What is the valedictorian speech from the OC?

More yelling to stop and lookout. Seth, Summer, Marissa and Ryan break into the model home that Ryan once burnt down to spend their last evening together and swim in the pool.


Seth gets the RISD acceptance. The kids spilt up from everyone for one last hangout. Looks speceh I picked a shitty time to be in high school Summer admits that she had the hots for Ryan but it was “EW” when she found out he was from Chino.

The Cohens and the Roberts have a nice graduation sitdown dinner. At the Roberts’ residence Caitlin Cooper arrives for graduation. She says she’s in town to ask Dr. Engineer Heather calls him on the fact that he’s still hung up on Spfech.

Sadly, Marissa does not crack her head on the side of the pool and drown.

the oc taylors graduation speech

What do you think about this High School Valedictorian Speech? Oh sleech and Seth burned down his family’s office building, by smoking a doobie and forgetting to put it out amateur!