The diversity of the co-curricular program ensures that no student is to be left behind, the activities tackle all interests and abilities. How to choose a dissertation topic history. The homework weekly agenda is divided into cellsindicating the different assignments you need to work with your child over the days of theweek. Teenage smoking essay conclusion. The Science department of each school will assign the requirements for participation in the competition. We recognize that in order to be successful at school, our children need support from both the teachers and the parents.

In all cases, parents will be contactedby supervisors when their children are absent to check out of the reason for their absenceand to arrange a way to send their agenda if applicable. Students will be promoted from one grade to another after passing the exam. The school is not responsible for any missing books, copybooks or bags. I take this opportunity to welcome the new parents, who have registered their children this year, to the T. Students who aresuspected of requiring special educational needs that cannot be provided by the school maybe asked to provide assessment information from independent professional evaluationcenters prior to making a decision for eligibility for admission and placement testing. Outstanding Lebanese Students Honored.

According to the results of the make-up exam: The diversity of the co-curricular program ensures that no student is to be left behind, the activities tackle all interests and abilities.

thamer international school homework agenda

Upon referral, the Social Workerwill assess the needs of the student and take whatever action is deemed necessary. Create your own flipbook. To be signed by all Upper School parents and students.


thamer international school homework agenda

Class work agendas will inform you about the material and lessons your child willacquire during each coming week. Report cards thxmer issued twice during an academic year at the thame of each term. The student can presume classes only after theschool doctor confirms that appropriate treatment and removal of head lice was completed. If the absence occurs repeatedlywith no valid reason that is accepted by the administration, disciplinary action will be takenagainst the student.

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Long hair styles are strictly forbiddenfor boys. Portland state application essay. At the end of each academic year, Thamet. These records include reports, transcripts, and results of standardized tests.

Thamer international school homework agenda

If withdrawal is to occur during the school year, the following procedure has to be followed: This is the best way tobuild a strong academic record and to establish the reputation of involvement andresponsibility. The school does not make provisions for early final examinations. The school is not responsible for any lost valuable items mentioned or not inernational above.

Mothers or nannies will not be allowed into the Primary School buildings. Our Vision To passionately deliver a unique academic experience that prepares our students to be socially responsible leaders in global communities and highly self-motivated learners in prestigious universities worldwide. However, parents are asked to do everything theycan to ensure that their child has full attendance at school.

Parents-Students Handbook (2016-2017)

Fathers or drivers are not allowed into the building as required by the Ministry of Education and need to wait for the students at the designated gates. School girls from Grade 6 to 12 are required to wear abayas and head veils upon entering andleaving the school premises as instructed by the Ministry of Education. Please keep your child at home in case of: Jeddah School Felicitates High Achievers.


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A Community of Leaders and Learners – Thamer International Schools

It is our expectation that all students beco-operative, considerate and sensible in carrying out their primary task of attending school in orderto learn. Students who are absent for more than two consecutive days, must bring a written excusefrom a parent or guardian upon their return to school. This is consistentwith the situation in comparable with thaemr private international schools. Persuasive essay format college.

thamer international school homework agenda

At least one day suspension. We are looking forward to a homewkrk partnership with you to ensure our children can achieve their highest potential.

Thamer international school homework agenda

The purpose of a homework assignment maybe to: Termination of the student’s right to use the school bus for the rest of the year and NO fees will be refunded.

Diversifying the teaching approaches and strategies to best suit various learning styles.

Students arriving later than 8: