Providing demonstrations are also part of this strategy. Use of a Business Plan. Agusan del Sur Religion: The company also presumes that an increase in the demand will occur with the promotion and advertisement of products via internet since it is globally known as the best channel for acquiring a wider market. Through observations and researches, iProTech Learning Solutions have come up to provide educational tools for a better learning environment which simply means that academic institutions are its target market.

Waste time writing a plan when you could be closing sales and collecting cash. By John Erickson Tabago. As the market grows, there comes a possibility that more competitors will also rise over a period of time. To support a loan application. We think you have liked this presentation. Online advertisement includes promotion of products on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and others. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out.

Aside from the actual sales of the product, the firm targeted to earn profit through the additional features that iProTech Learning Solutions are offering.

technopreneurship business plan sample

Help Center Find new research papers in: Profit margin is also examined to make the product profitable. August 12, Civil Status: And over a period of time, an increase in the total number of schools in the province is recognized and these new schools are also targeted as potential customers of the product.


Tailore your plan according to them.


Other unique features of this product are the following: All other strategies are discussed in the later part of this business plan. The research of these schools was conducted by the project researcher with the help of the internet.

technopreneurship business plan sample

This Learning Management System LMS is a web-based learning tool that includes user management, lessons and file management and performance sanple. The firm will strive to market their product through certain meetings, appointments and conversations with the clients.

Critical Risks, Problems, and Assumptions. New Visayas, Panabo City Religion: By John Erickson Tabago. October 1, Civil Status: Quantitative data were also gathered out from the ratings of the respondents. As technology innovates and evolves, the need to such is also increasing.

Registration Forgot your password? With reference to the results of the survey, it has been validated that the product technopreenurship helped enhanced the teaching strategy of the teachers as well the learning process of the students.

technopreneurship business plan sample

The plan becomes the point of departure for prospective investors to begin their due diligence to ascertain potential and various risk of the venture: Log In Sign Up.

After such, the product is then developed in accordance with customer requirements and satisfaction. Another advantage is the deployment of the customer support program to serve as the foundation of a good customer relation.


The internet is a great help in the promotion of the product. The Internet is a great help in achieving a greater profit for it provides a wider area and network of market. The higher the profit margin is, the greater the profit is. The demand of providing these technologies had been rapidly increasing.

Agusan del Sur Religion: In order for the business to be sustainable and to maintain its growth in the market, the firm had conceptually analyzed a market-penetrating strategy that endorse and convey a sense of quality and satisfaction on the product.

To create regular business reviews and course direction.

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Friday, March 22, Business Plans. The table below shows the pricing strategy of iProTech Learning Solutions: Nobody reads long winded business plan, so limit it to sampke pages. The table below shows how these total sales were gained: July 22, Civil Status: