Headmasters Conference , as President. I saw to it that the Muslim community was consulted with representatives in different parts of the country on the important issue before the House; and I am in a position to say that the Muslim members of this Council have the fullest backing of the Muslim community of this Island. Kandy Malay Association 2. Very early in life he had remarked that one should be “prepared to scorn delights and live laborious days not for the sake of filthy lucre, not even for mere vanity of name and fame, but for greater ideals of service. Every important dignitary visiting Ceylon was invited to address the students, teachers, parents and public at Zahira College.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. T A Jayah Family. Hisham Jayah , Mrs. During this era, the school produced some prominent figures at national level. No one, including the Governor, could persuade him to reconsider his decision. Muslim Property Law Committee He could have risen to be the first Ceylonese Chief Justice, but suddenly and prematurely retired from the service.

Alhaj Dr. T.B. Jayah And National Unity

Wakfs Ordinance Amendment Committee Fareena Meedin nee Jayah. He was appointed the minister of Labourand and social service. While studying in the final year in the Law College, inJayah assumed duties as the principal of Zahira College, Colomboaccepting an invitation by the local Muslim community. They think that self-government for this country means self-government for themselves.

Inafter the Donoughmore Constitutionall adult citizens of the country were granted voting rights to elect members for the State Council. Hambantota Land Settlement Commission Fine Arts Society 2.

Dr. T. B. Jayah – A National Hero | Sunday Observer

His knowledge of Islamic history was vast. He died infalling ill on a pilgrimage to Mecca, the holiest place for all Muslims. When Ceylon gained independence inhe was appointed a Cabinet Minister of the D. If such a one there be, he will doubtless go down to posterity as the savior of the Muslims of Ceylon.


After jayab brilliant school career at Royal College, Colombo, where he carried away every possible prize, he proceeded jaywh Cambridge University in the United Kingdom on the Government Scholarship having obtained the highest points in the selection for the scholarship to qualify as an engineer.

tb jayah essay

He was largely responsible for establishing the pension scheme for school teachers. Owing to the transfer of Cassim Jayah, the family shifted residence to Kurunegala, where the young Brahanudeen started his Quranic Education jaayah the tutelage of Noordeen Alim and Omarlebbe and the secular schooling at the Anglo-Vernacular School. He returned to Ceylon in Bandaranaike Somaweera Chandrasiri R.

Dr. T. B. Jayah – A National Hero

Bandaranaike, then Leader of the House, speaking during the Debate, appreciated the definitive views expressed by Jayah. In a lecture delivered to the Ceylon Muslim Association in Februaryhe posed the question “What have we done? The national consciousness for self-rule began to emerge by the beginning of the 20th Century. The Night School was perhaps the first of esssay kind in Ceylon.

Have we even a few schools and colleges of our own? Perera Henry Peiris D. Jayah took up to active politics and was elected the third member the tn All Island Eesay Electorate in the Legislative Council, amongst a field of four, in the periods, and Bandranaike paid him a high tribute, when he said: Razick and the Member for Colombo Central Dr.

Jayah contested for the Colombo Central electorate, but was defeated by a prominent politician, the Ceylon Labour Party leader, A.


Inexplicably, in spite of his efficiency, he was prematurely appointed the High Commissioner of Ceylon in Pakistan where he endeared himself to its people and Government. Jameel — Oration delivered on 1. From tohe served in the state Council. He even introduced sports where the Zahirians excelled in Rugby, Football as well as in Boxing.

tb jayah essay

Though he embarked on a teaching career at an early age due to the financial constraints he encountered in proceeding with higher education, yet while being a teacher, he continued his academic pursuit and became a graduate.

As a result of the requests of Muslim leaders he assumed duties as the principal of Zahira College, Colombo.

The Mohammedan electorate was an island-wide communal electorate which represented the Muslim community of the whole country. The Ceylon Reform League founded in under the Chairmanship of Ponnambalam Arunachalam came to an abrupt end being succeeded by the formation of the Ceylon National Congress, which continued to be the prime organization in demanding Independence to Ceylon.

Zahira blossoms In his twenty seven years of stewardship at Zahira until 22nd August,he nayah produced the leaders and reformers, thinkers and philosophers, and Legislators and national figures, who brought forth an enlightened Muslim community, which in course of time was able to contribute to the political, social, economic and cultural development at the national level.