Firstly, be planful before you get to University. Contemporary Approaches to Understanding Behaviour You can also print your exam entry form, which you must bring to the exam together with your registration card. Therefore, the voluntary placement year will not contribute to classification. Help with managing your studies and competing your work The following links give advice and support on many issues you might encounter including studying, managing your time and writing a good essay. Your exams and coursework Late submission of coursework Extenuating circumstances Exam dates and timetables Exam results Resit exams Policies, procedures and guidelines Academic offences External exam candidates. You must carefully consider taking a resit in cases where you have already been given the credit for a module with a mark in the compensation zone.

Please note that you will not be able to register for your next period of study or graduate if you have debt on your account. This page is intended to answer key questions or direct you to the pages where the answers can be found, most of which are on the Student Systems and Records Office website. Please note that first resits can only be taken in the summer vacation assessment period. Course administration Returner registration Timetables Attendance Monitoring attendance and progress Choosing or changing modules Changing your course Intermission Returning from intermission Thinking of leaving the University Readmission. This site uses cookies. Full information on the appeal process can be found here: If you fail an exam you will usually be offered a retake sit or resit during the resit period August-September.

sussex resit essay

Finance, fees and support. If you pass your exam and are able to progress, a new CAS Certificate of Acceptance of Studies can then be issued and you will apply for a new Tier 4 visa in your home country before resuming your studies.

You are encouraged to use the internet-based text-matching service, Turnitin, prior to submitting your assessments. For all other stages the exam board will be guided to give undergraduate students a repeat stage if a stage has not previously been repeatedusually where more than 30 credits have been failed, and usually after resits have been given in the summer vacation assessment period. Back to previous menu Academic related appeals procedure What decisions can students appeal against and what remedies can be considered?


The relevant coversheets are available in the office and a coversheet needs to be need to be completed for each copy. A Sit is a further opportunity to complete module assessment and be awarded the associated credit. One possible outcome is that you are required to intermit from your studies and return at a later date to retake an exam.

You are encouraged to use the internet-based text-matching service, Turnitin, prior to submitting your assessments. The price Amazon shows isn’t always the lowest. C Individual Differences in Attention Schools and services Psychology For students Examinations and Assessment.

Resit examinations – Students – University of Essex

If you wish to bring to the attention of the Board of Examiners any extenuating circumstances which have affected the resit examinations, please complete and return the relevant form by the deadline date.

Modules are usually assessed by more than one assessment. Should you miss an assessment submission deadline for whatever reason you may usually still submit the assessment within 7 esday of essy published deadline.

Overview and contacting us Accessible travel to and around campus Dyslexia and SpLD Physical, hearing or visual impairment Academic and learning support Departmental Liaison Officers Financial support. Where it is a resit the conflated mark for the module will be capped.

Normally you will not be allowed to attend teaching unless you are taking a different module OR if your School agrees that you can attend teaching sessions. There is online help and workshops and events that you can attend. I say all this so you know my circumstances.


sussex resit essay

Your work will be marked and feedback esssay normally within 3 weeks of the assessment submission deadline or in-person assessment Please see regulation 2. Late Penalties What happens if I miss an assessment deadline? Study Abroad FAQ page. All students on a repeat stage will be given a Repeat Year Learning Agreement.

This meant I got all my assignments in early and I could start the next one. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future.

You must always seek advice from an International Student Adviser if you are given a repeat year.

So please be careful wherever you are not to be lead down a path you will regret. This will incur a penalty, as follows: You need to achieve the requirements set out in 1 above to progress to susssex next stage or to achieve your award.

Student Systems and Records Office

However your transcript will show the higher mark if achieved. Feedback for all e-submission assessments will also be provided electronically. I took two re-sits in my first two years, both in September. As students on the above resot do not attend teaching, the University cannot meet this requirement. How could I fail my first year of university?

If you have challenging circumstances such as bringing up a child or working a job, be realistic about how you will keep up with the work.