The University provides templates in Word and LateX which meet the requirements set out in the Regulations. The Literature Survey is not in every dissertation. Find out more about the conference and the application process. Example of title page PDF opens in new window. Your degree is likely to finish with an independent research project where you lead your own learning on a single, clearly defined topic of your own choice, in much more depth than previous work.

Do check previous students’ papers in the library and talk to your supervisor about whether to include one. Do not go back to a longwinded explanation of your results but instead give a brief and clear statement of what these results show. Deskside Training Need further help? Dissertation checklist Word doc. Word is the most widely used word processing software in the university. A secondary cross-reference table will be developed so that data can be viewed from different perspectives.

You can embed your literature survey in the main body of your dissertation but this depends on the preferences of your department or tutor.

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To investigate the relationship between tectonic-plate movement and the gravitational effect of the alignment of the major planets. Include these in a citation next to the figure itself and in your Reference List or Bibliography. The survey will collect quantitative data on the range of goods requiring an end-user licence. All dissertations and theses submitted at Southampton Solent University must be bound and have an official cover page.


The University provides templates in Word and LateX which meet the requirements set out in the Regulations. Deskside Training Need further help? It may be that you will improve on the wording later but make sure the title you begin with means something.

Example of a methodology statement The following sample statements are intended to give a flavour of the approach one could take but they are not to be assumed to represent a complete methodology. All forms of plagiarism will be taken seriously – deliberate or not! This link opens in a new tab, close the tab once you have enrolled.

Check with your tutor or department whether you should be including recommendations in your dissertation or not. Always check with your tutor first. Not every dissertation proposal contains a Literature survey. Literature survey summary PDF opens in new window.

All these sections, with correct numbering, appear in the general dissertation template which can be accessed below. If you do number the pages, the numbering would be in Roman numerals.

Archived Material (Dissertations)

If you have any feedback about dissertation proposals and writing dissertations. Find out more about the conference and the application process. In other subjects, it is common to include all tables, charts, graphs, photographs, drawings, etc. How do I do it? The book explains the sections required for both proposal and dissertation, and offers helpful downloadable templates to assist with the presentation. The e-thesis should normally be submitted as a single PDF file or other format as agreed by the main supervisor.


Give yourself plenty of time to get your printing and aolent done. The Abstract is a summarised version of your complete paper. Main body – discussion This content has been archived! Demo of how to set page numbers in Word MP4 video opens in new window. Page numbers This content has been archived! Demo of how to add numbers to your appendices MP4 dolent opens in new window.

When numbering the pages, start at 1 on the introduction. Resources This content has been archived!

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Aim to complete chapter one. Templates Information about theses at Southampton: Do not draw out your conclusions here, but open up the discussion of possibilities. The electronic copy must include all front material title page, abstract, acknowledgements, table of contents etc but should not include templahe scan of the signature under the declaration of authorship.

For open access and institutional repository enquiries eprints soton.

solent dissertation template

Data sets templatd be extracted from the known historical record of tectonic-plate movement Data sets will be extracted from astronomical tables detailing the various alignments of the major planets covering the same period as data from the geological record.